Baby Registry Essentials: Baby Stroller or Baby Carrier? Or Both?

Baby Registry Essentials Baby Stroller or Baby Carrier Or Both

We wondered what our parents-to-be chose when deciding between different baby essentials. The data was mixed. 51% of MyRegistry users have added strollers, and 44% have added carriers. Both serve different purposes and provide flexibility in different situations and having both added to your registry can be useful when dealing with different terrains or situations. According to our data, one in every three users who create a registry with us add both a stroller and carrier to the list of things they want. Here are MyRegistry’s reasons why you should consider doing the same. This article will help you choose the baby gear that best suits your lifestyle and needs and make your daily routines easier and more enjoyable.

The joys of parenthood are unmatched, but the constant care and attention that your newborn will require can sometimes make the simplest tasks feel like a juggling act. Feeding, changing diapers, and looking after your baby while also being on top of the chores at home, it’s obvious you’ll find yourself in a constant state of always changing responsibilities. However, choosing the right baby registry essential can make running an errand not only easier but also a great bonding experience. 

Both strollers and carriers are essential baby accessories for new parents on the go. They make getting things done more manageable by allowing for hands-free mobility and ease of movement while keeping your bundle of joy close and comfortable. Some moms have added both essentials - stroller and carrier - to their registry. Having seen this trend, we wanted to share some thoughts you might want to consider to ensure you select the best gear for your needs.

Baby Carrier

Did you know that carrying your baby close to you in a carrier (also called babywearing) has some surprising health benefits? In addition to the emotional joys of bonding, reduction of colic and an enhancement of brain development have been seen in some studies about babywearing, as well as prevention of hip dysplasia and an increase in language development. Additionally, the intimacy afforded by staying close to your baby while in a carrier promotes bonding and attentiveness to your baby’s needs.

Why Add a Baby Carrier?

The benefits of baby carrier include:

Babywearing allows you to do chores while still promoting bonding. 

Baby carriers are designed to distribute the weight of your baby evenly across your back and shoulders. This allows you to wear your baby for longer periods - making it convenient to move around and complete indoor chores like cooking, cleaning, and more with your baby. 

Not just quick errands, but performing other duties like visiting a mall, grocery shopping, etc. also become a relaxed and stress-free experience for you. 

Babywearing makes your baby’s transition easier.

Babywearing mimics the womb, helping babies feel more comfortable as they adjust to their new environment. This makes them feel more comfortable while letting them remain close to you and enjoy cuddles and snuggles. 

Babywearing enhances the shared experiences. 

Is going on adventures with your baby part of your bucket list? The carrier is super easy to pack & carry. By keeping your baby close and secure, you can be more present and involved in the moment, rather than having to worry about pushing a stroller or carrying a car seat. This leads to a deeper connection and a greater sense of bonding between you and your baby. 

Additionally, babywearing offers mobility at its best and makes it easier to navigate crowded places like airports, beaches, busy streets, or outdoor festivals - allowing you to enjoy fun experiences together as a family. 

Babywearing is not just for Moms, but for Dads too.

Dads, you deserve to bond too! Babywearing is a great way to develop a strong attachment with your baby. It helps you share the special and cozy moments with your baby - especially during those early months when all they’ll do is be with mom, feed, and sleep. Taking on an active role in a child’s care also promotes shared parenting responsibilities and gives mom a much-needed break to rest and relax! 

Most Picked Carriers By MyRegistry Parents

Here are a few carriers most loved and highly added to MyRegistry baby registries.

Baby Stroller

As your baby grows and becomes heavy to carry, a stroller can be highly comforting for you to move around and for babies to play, lie and take naps in it. They are great for longer walks and outdoor excursions. 

Why Add a Baby Stroller?

The benefits of baby strollers include:  

Baby strollers are convenient.

A stroller is a trouble-free piece of baby gear that’ll allow you to comfortably get around with your baby, while also providing a safe and cozy environment for the baby to sit or lie in.

Strollers help you carry a wide range of accessories.

Having a kid means carrying a wide range of accessories such as a change of clothing, diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, and other baby essentials. Many strollers come with storage compartments and baskets - enabling you to easily cart these accessories along with your baby, without asking you to carry all the stuff off your shoulders. So, if you’re an organized mom, this could be a perfect addition to your must-have baby items on the registry!

Strollers make exercising and walking with your baby seamless.

If you’re a fitness freak, getting fresh air and being able to exercise while spending precious time with your baby can be a win-win! Many strollers also come with features for the baby such as adjustable and reclining seats, and for the mom (or dad) like adjustable handlebars, which can make the ride more enjoyable for both you and your baby. 

Strollers are a great option for traveling.

Modern strollers are designed to be lightweight, easy to fold, quick to maneuver, which makes outings with your baby not only fun, but also less tiring. 

One-for-all-seasons is true for strollers.

One-for-all seasons are among the key reasons why moms love adding a stroller to their baby registry. Strollers are versatile and many come with a canopy, weather shield, or footmuff, protecting the baby during all conditions. No matter if the temperature soars or falls, a stroller can be your go-to companion for every kind of weather. 

They accommodate your growing family.

With a stroller at your command, you can effortlessly lug your toddlers around. They also come in double and triple configurations to accommodate twins (and triplets) or even multiple children of different ages as your family grows.

Most Picked Strollers By MyRegistry Parents

Here are a few strollers most loved and highly added to MyRegistry baby registries.

Final Thoughts

Baby carriers offer warmth, and flexibility and are compact to be conveniently used in tight spaces too. Strollers are good for carrying a baby while covering large distances and often have more storage space. Whether a carrier or stroller or both highly depends on your lifestyle and needs. Whatever your choice, you can find any of these from all your favorite baby stores (like Baby Bjorn and Graco) and add easily with a few clicks to your Baby Registry.


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