Best Baby Carriers to Look Out For in 2023

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Even though you always want to hold them close, carrying your little one all the time can lead to stiff shoulders or back strain. Which is why baby carriers are a must-have accessory for your registries. Baby wearing allows you to promote bonding while still having freedom to move around and preventing pain! And so you don’t have to scroll through hundreds if not thousands of baby carrying options, we’ve compiled a list of just a few of the best baby carriers for you. 

Different Types of Baby Carriers

The best baby carrier for everyone else isn’t necessarily going to be the best baby carrier for you. Here are the 4 main types of baby carriers to help you make your buying decision easier.

1. Wraps:

A traditional carrier for newborns that comes as a long piece of fabric that can be wrapped around your body and the baby. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials including cotton knit, gauze, wool, and more.

2. Backpack:

A backpack carrier for toddlers that is commonly used by most parents. Soft-structured carriers are made of straps and padded waistbands, planned with older kids in mind. They offer various carry options including front, back, and hip. 

3. Hybrids:

Also known as Meh Dai carriers, hybrids are a combination of a wrap and a soft structured carrier. If you’re a parent looking for carrier features like uncomplicated, highly adjustable, and versatility, hybrids are highly recommended among other types of baby carriers.

4. Slings:

A long piece of fabric that can be tied around you with rings. This simple-to-use carrier creates a pouch for your baby that usually goes over the shoulder and across the torso. These are mainly preferable carriers for infants.

Top 10 Baby Carriers of 2023

All set to tick your baby registry checklist? Here’s a reliable guide for you to make your carrier buying process less chaotic. 

Best Overall Baby Carrier

Good for you and good for your baby — that’s why we chose the Babybjörn Baby Carrier Harmony as best overall for our 2023 rankings. With a soft and flexible mesh structure, it’s adaptable with your baby from newborn up to three years old. It also provides parents with a little extra help: from the waist belt to the padded shoulder straps, and back support. Even as your little one gets bigger, carrying them stays just as easy for you!

Best Baby Carriers for Dads

If you’re looking for a baby carrier just for dads, look no further than this squishy, easy-to-carry Baby Tula. Made with ultra-soft and breathable cotton, the Tula carrier provides the ultimate comfort level to you and your baby. 

It has an ergonomic seat that allows you to carry your baby in both front and back positions. Comfortable carrying is important to help your infant develop a healthy spine and hips. The Baby Tula – with a padded neck support pillow to prop up a newborn’s head and neck – will help ensure that.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Padded, elastic neck pillow
  • Effortless to maintain – machine washable 
  • Allows for a multitude of carry positions


  • Wide straps may not be relaxing for infants
  • Not recommended for babies under 20 lbs.

Best Baby Carrier for Newborns

The babybjorn takes its spot on the best baby carriers list for being uniquely tailored with quality materials that are gentle on your baby. If you find unfastening to be tricky, the Baby Carrier MIni is a convenient solution. Not only is it small and easy to pack away, it makes putting on and taking off a trouble-free experience to save you time and effort. 

This baby carrier is available in three fabrics – 3D mesh, 3D jersey, and cotton. It also includes sturdy head and neck support that gives your baby a secure hold, on top of additional support to their back, hips, and legs. 


  • Flexible head support
  • Allows you to carry your baby in multiple positions
  • Functional and adjustable
  • Machine washable


  • Only fits newborns up to 1 year

Best Premium Baby Carrier Wrap

Simple to put on, safe to carry your baby, and super soothing– the Moby wrap does it all. Made with soft, stretchy cotton and buckles on the side, this wrap is easy to tie and adjust around your waist. Due to its flexibility, this wrap is listed as one of the best baby carriers for plus size moms.

If you’re looking for a convenient carrying experience, this is a baby registry must-have. It allows for two carrying positions (inward-facing and forward-facing) for babies 1-5 months old and up to 35 lbs. Your baby will feel warm but never stuffy tucked away in this soft and breathable fabric. 


  • Padded back support
  • Custom-fit buckles
  • Casual and peaceful
  • Lightweight
  • Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip-healthy” for babies 


  • Difficult to breastfeed

Best Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Strap your baby in or get them out with ease with the Solly Baby Loop Carrier. Made with organic woven cotton, the carrier allows for full support to you and your baby. The butter soft fabric will prove a gentle hold for your baby to relax in.

It is available in two size ranges – standard and extended and offers two carrying positions– front, cross, and hip. 


  • Dryer friendly
  • Made for babies weighing between 15 - 45 lbs. 
  • Adaptable to your baby’s carrying needs as they grow


  • Tricky if you find wrapping to be difficult

Easy-to-use Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for all the benefits of a wrap without having to, well, wrap, the Baby K'Tan Carrier is what you’ve been waiting for! This carrier – made with 100% cotton and lots of stretch – provides a pleasant and restful experience for you and your baby. It also allows for healthy hip and back development, as well as head support. 

The Baby K’Tan carrier can be slipped on over the head like a t-shirt and doesn't require you to attach any buckles. But the best feature is that you get five front and back carry options that adapt to your baby’s transition from newborn to toddler, up to 35 lbs.


  • Comes with a small carrying pouch
  • Various positions allow for ergonomic support 


  • Little to no support for heavier babies
  • Available in specific sizes – you can’t share with your partner

Best Selling Baby Carrier Wrap

Boba Wrap is a best seller for a reason. Made of a heavier weight cotton and spandex knit, it keeps your baby close and warm while still providing a lightweight carrying experience. Due to the spandex it is also perfect for any parent to wear and retains its shape and stretch over time, for babies up to 35 lbs. 


  • Custom-fit for all sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Relaxed and warm – made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex


  • Can be a bit tricky to put on

Best Hybrid Baby Carrier

With the ComfyFit Baby Carrier, get the comfort of a wrap and the convenience of a soft structured carrier - all at once. The feature that makes it one of the best baby carriers is its hybrid nature. Most parents prefer to buy this as it is an easy-to-wrap carrier made of cottony material. 


  • Padded waist belt
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Small pockets to carry accessories


  • May not be the best option for larger babies 

Best Versatile Baby Carrier

With six carrying positions to grow with you through your baby’s first six months, the LILLEbaby All Seasons Carrier is the only carrier you need if versatility is your priority. The various buckles, belts, and straps also allow you to wear it in a backpack or crossed (X) style. 

The carrier supports your baby’s hip and back well in all positions. The outer side is designed with a zip that creates a cocoon for your baby. Mesh panels allow you to open up the carrier on warmer spring and summer days for fresh air or zip back up during fall and winter for a little extra insulation.


  • Consists of a padded, flexible head support
  • Breastfeeding-friendly
  • Has a waist belt and lumbar support – relieves back pain
  • Machine washable


  • Not easy to transfer between positions 

Best Bang For Your Buck Baby Carrier

You don’t need to break the bank to get the best baby carrier for you and your newborn. The Infantino Flip Carrier is adaptable – allowing for four different carrying positions and featuring adjustable straps and a supportive waist belt to help transfer weight to your hips. 

Made with an ergonomic seat, you can carry your child through to their toddler years (up to 32 lbs.) in this carrier. The convertible seat feature allows you to set a narrow seat carrying position during a child’s infancy and a wide structured seat as time goes on. 


  • Ergonomic sitting positions
  • Sturdy & lasting materials
  • Padded and flexible head support


  • It can be difficult to put on the child in the back carrying position

Final Thoughts

Parents know that babywearing is not only practical but a really great experience for you and your baby. But it’s important to find the right baby gear that suits your lifestyle. This list of best baby carriers covers a wide range – from luxurious to affordable, elaborate to manageable, and baby carriers for dads to baby carriers for plus size moms. While preparing your registry, think about your needs, consider the pros and cons, and we’re sure that there is a baby carrier on this list for you.

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