Thoughtful Gifts for Baby Registry That Are Actually For Moms-to-be

Thoughtful Gifts for Baby Registry That Are Actually For Moms-to-be

Baby registries mainly focus on essentials that new parents need for their baby like strollers and cribs and often leave out the supplies that moms need for themselves. Registries tend to be about the things needed to assist moms when the baby is on board and less about the things to make their journey there more comfortable. MyRegistry believes that when you’re expecting, you should consider adding self-care items that can make you feel relaxed and healthy, in addition to the baby must-haves. As they say, “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby".  

Whether you’re a first-time mommy or just want to know some essentials that would make you feel really better during your pregnancy, here’s a quick run down of great ideas for your registry to help you get through your pregnancy with ease. 

5 Pregnancy Must-Haves To Add To Your Registry 

Every trimester brings a new experience. The Mama Bird box is a trimester-based baby box  that will help you make it through each trimester with joy and encouragement. From self-care items to healthy snacks - you’ll get everything you need to feel spoiled! Also, you can customize the frequency of your box giving you the chance to adapt it as you need for each trimester. 

Sleeping position matters, especially when you’re pregnant! Experts suggest that lying on your side is the safest position. This pregnancy pillow extends support to your belly bulge, hips and back and makes sleeping more comfortable and safer.

Whether a first-time or third-time mom, you’ll need to keep a few precious moments for yourself. A self-care kit is the perfect solution for those quick, but quiet moments. This gift box includes an assortment of hair serum, belly oil, lotion, herbal tea, and much more. This new mom care package is the perfect combo to help you unwind, when you have a moment!

Shower time is “you” time. To turn your bathroom into a soothing escape to feel calmer, look no further! This amazing combo pack of 6 scented shower steamers from Target can instantly turn your shower time into spa time! Made with pure essential oils and real flower petals, these  hypoallergenic shower melts are non-slip, safe for septic systems, vegan, and cruelty free. Scents include spruce, lavender, mint, for stress relief and rose, mango to refresh and invigorate.

This lightweight pajama and robe set can also double as a comfy nursing dress along with serving as a maternity robe. Machine washable with smooth fabrics, this Kimi + Kai set is designed to be both fashionable and practical - both before and after you have your baby.


The best thing about choosing items for you in your baby registry is that you will have everything you need to smooth out your pregnancy. From self care to stress relieving, add whatever you need to your registry that will be functional and make you (and, therefore, your baby) feel happy.


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