What Is a Universal Wish List?

It’s Personal: Creating a Universal Wish List, stack of presents.

At MyRegistry, we believe gifting should be unlimited.

When gift registries originated almost 100 years ago, they were focused exclusively on weddings. Both wedding and baby registries have since become commonly accepted ways to help friends and family celebrate those milestone events.

But throughout our lives, we each celebrate many other special occasions, and our loved ones want to celebrate with us.

What Is a Wish List?

A Wish List is a modern gift registry—handy, shareable, and shoppable—that can be created for any gift-giving occasion, be it a holiday, milestone event, or personal celebration. Wish Lists are created for birthdays at any age, Christmas and Hanukkah, Sweet 16’s and Quinceñerias, back-to-school essentials, high school or college graduations, even a housewarming. A Wish List can also simply be a place to curate your favorite things onto a list, ready for you when you want to share—or just treat yourself!

Why Create a Wish List?

Every day, someone is celebrating something. To put it in perspective, roughly 800,000 people a day in the U.S. have a birthday.

But we’ve all experienced the gift-giver’s dilemma: You’re invited to a friend’s 40th birthday or a co-worker’s baby’s first, and you’re stumped. You want to bring a gift, but you have no idea what. You don’t want to ask, and you don’t want to give something that won’t be appreciated—or worse, will be returned.

How much better for everyone if there was a list to refer to, one created by the celebrant? That simple solution to a common problem is the origin of MyRegistry.

What Makes a Wish List Universal?

With a Universal Wish List, you can add any item from any store in the world—both online and brick-and-mortar. Gifts can even be experiences or a Cash Gift Fund to receive donations toward larger purchases.

That’s a world of choice! And that’s “universal”: everything aggregated in one place—easy for you to manage, easy for your friends and family to shop for you.

Add Gifts with Ease

Want the freedom to choose any item, from anywhere? You have it with MyRegistry. We’ve designed a user-friendly platform that makes it possible to add gifts to a Universal Wish List via:

  • Add to MyRegistry.com Button: Our browser extension button allows users to browse online and, when they find something they want, they click. Just like that, the gift has been added to the Wish List.
  • MyRegistry.com App: Barcode-scanning technology lets users shopping in a physical store add items to a Wish List via their smartphone.
  • Simple Syncing: Existing gift lists with every major gift retailer can be synced to display on your MyRegistry Wish List. That way, you receive the benefits of a universal registry while retaining the perks of a registry with stores like Target, Amazon, Crate & Barrel, and Bed Bath & Beyond, including completion discounts, free shipping on select orders, and discounts on purchases after your event

Making it easy for people to get the gifts they want is behind everything we do at MyRegistry.

Sharing Is Caring

With a Universal Wish List, everyone benefits. By creating a Wish List, you share exactly what you want, and gift givers have the convenience of a single, shoppable destination. Once a Universal Wish List has been created, it can easily be shared with friends and family via eCard, customized URL, or social media.

Give and get the perfect gift every time, for every occasion, with a Universal Wish List at MyRegistry.com.

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