15 Baby Stroller Accessories That Will Simplify Your Life

15-Baby-Stroller-Accessories-That-Will-Simplify-Your-Life, a stroller caddy filled with baby items such as a sippy cup.

The all-practical stroller goes from basic to extra with the right accessories.

When a baby stroller becomes the family vehicle of choice, you quickly realize that accessorizing it is a form of self-care. Whether it’s outings to the zoo, a jog in the park, or everyday errands, you’ll be happy to have snacks, blankets, toys, and a phone holder along for the ride.

What Accessories to Buy with a Baby Stroller?

A stroller is essential for moving around easily with a baby. It lets little ones ride in comfort, protects them from the elements, and gives them a front-row view of the world around them.

It’s also possible to outfit your stroller with accessories that are practical for you and look good too:

Bunting bag
Extra blanket
Blanket clips
Attachable toy
Discovery cards
Stroller lock
Phone holder
Mommy hook
Head support
Stroller light
Soothing sound machine
Insulated bag
Stroller caddy
Clip-on umbrella

Some of Our Favorites:

Stroller Organizer

Why we like it: Not all strollers come with cup holders — but busy parents know they’re essential! The 3 Sprouts Stroller Organizer provides a place to set a coffee or iced latte, along with a bottle or sippy cup. This organizer can hold two drinks, your phone, some snacks, and even a small toy or two.
Perfect for parents who: Like to be on-the-go and keep essentials handy.
Good to know: There’s no need to remove the organizer before folding your stroller. It’s collapsible and will fold easily — just be sure to empty it first!

Stroller Bunting Bag

Why we like it: Cold weather doesn’t have to stop you — or your baby — from enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re trail walking or window shopping, this bunting bag will keep your baby cozy.
Perfect for parents who: Like to be outside year round.
Good to know: This bunting bag is compatible with Thule strollers. It’s also compatible with the 5-point harness in Thule strollers, so you’ll never have to sacrifice safety for warmth.

Fruit Stroller Blanket

Why we like it: Cozy, cute, and generously sized at 30" x 40", this organic cotton blanket with plush velour backing will please both your baby’s tactile sensibilities and your grown-up aesthetic.
Perfect for parents who: Want to add a pop of color to basic black.
Good to know: Machine washable.

Stroller Blanket Clips

Why we like it: What’s more frustrating than running over your baby’s blanket because it slipped out of the stroller? Strollerbuddy Blanket Clips are the answer. Use them to keep a blanket tucked securely around your baby — not sliding away. Comes in a set of four.
Perfect for parents who: Regularly use a stroller in jacket (or blanket) weather.
Good to know: Use the clips only for securing a lap blanket. Using the clips to cover the entire stroller can create too-warm temperatures for your baby. Do not use a blanket as a sun shade, as this can lead to overheating.

How to use Strollerbuddy Blanket Clips:


Sounds So Squeesy

Why we like it: Whether your baby is teething or just cranky, Sounds So Squeesy will entertain while providing a safe place to chew. The toy features four teething balls securely attached to a teething ring. Crinkly fabric, squeaks, and rattles will keep your baby entertained even if he’s not chewing on the teether.
Perfect for parents who: Have babies who are teething. Or grabbing. Basically, all babies.
Good to know: Not recommended for babies under 3 months old.

Discovery Cards

Why we like it: The world is wide open to a baby in a stroller. “Discovery cards” promote exploring baby’s surroundings with simple prompts to spot things like a bird, a butterfly, or a dog. The set of five cards is held together with a ring and attaches to the stroller.
Perfect for parents who: Want to stimulate baby’s creativity as they’re walking together.
Good to know: Recommended for babies 12 months and up.

Stroller Lock in Deco Heart

Why we like it: You put a lot of thought into selecting your stroller — and some strollers are quite the investment. The Buggygear Stroller Lock helps protect that investment. You can use it two ways: Secure your stroller to a stationary item (like a bike rack), or lock the wheels to prevent movement.
Perfect for parents who: Are on-the-go and regularly need to leave the stroller out of sight (parking it at a theme park and the like).
Good to know: Features a four-foot cable and comes with a one-year warranty.

EZY-Fit Phone Holder

Why we like it: Who doesn’t like catching up with family or friends while walking around the block to soothe your baby or do errands? The EZY-Fit Phone Holder clips to your handle bar so you can enjoy hands-free talks, or just keep your phone handy for the next text. The holder is compatible with most smartphones and features an easy-release button.
Perfect for parents who: Use the stroller while shopping (hello, grocery list) or running (hello, MapMyRun). Or parents who need to play Baby Shark for their baby shark.
Good to know: Comes with a one-year warranty.

How to use the EZY-Fit Phone Holder:


The Mommy Hook

Why we like it: Most strollers feature plenty of undercarriage storage, but more often than not, that’s where the diaper bag is stashed. When you’re out for a day of shopping or socializing, the Mommy Hook Stroller Assistant provides an extra hand for carrying the mommy (or daddy) bag that keeps your own essentials at hand.
Perfect for parents who: Live for convenience.
Good to know: This little hook can hold a lot of bags, but always remove them before taking your baby out of the stroller — otherwise it might tip over backward!

Boppy Head Support

Why we like it: The Boppy Head Support adds another layer of comfort for your baby. The unique design features a cutout to relieve pressure on the back of baby’s head. The slits in the side allow you to use your stroller’s 5-point system in conjunction with the head support, so your baby stays cozy, comfortable — and safe.
Perfect for parents who: Use a stroller regularly or for longer periods of time.
Good to know: The Gray Boppy Head Support may be used in swings and strollers but not in a bassinet. Always make sure your baby is securely placed in a stroller.
Bonus: Can be personalized with a monogram.

Stroller Light

Why we like it: Mommy Light Stroller Lights are practical in two ways: They help illuminate your path, and they act as a safety feature for the stroller itself, making your presence known on darker roads, especially important if you walk near traffic.
Perfect for parents who: Like to take early morning or evening walks.
Good to know: The set includes two lights. Consider using two sets (four lights total) and installing two on the front of your stroller and two on the back.

Soothing Sounds Bunny On-the-Go

Why we like it: Strollers are great because they let your little one see the world around her. However, sometimes the world and all its bustle can be a little overstimulating. Bunny On-the-Go can help settle your baby, and whether you’re in a crowded mall or just a busy street, this bunny is sure to become a favorite travel companion.
Perfect for parents who: Are on-the-go and need baby to nap outside the house.
Good to know: The sound box is removable, but keep in mind that the bunny is hand-wash only.

Universal Insulated Pannier

Why we like it: Umbrella strollers are great for space-conscious families who don’t have room to store a big stroller or like to travel light — but they don’t come with a lot of extra storage. The Universal Insulated Pannier adds snack and drink space to a simple umbrella stroller and features an insulated pocket to keep everything cool.
Perfect for parents who: Use an umbrella stroller, at least part of the time.
Good to know: The pannier is machine washable. Really!

How to use the Universal Insulated Pannier:


Stroller Caddy

Why we like it: The vegan leather Itzy Ritzy Stroller Caddy looks fancy, but a little rain won’t hurt it. Zippered pockets keep a phone, keys, and other valuables secure and protected from the elements.
Perfect for parents who: Like a little style with their storage.
Good to know: The caddy will attach to most strollers via Velcro straps.

Clip-on Umbrella

Why we like it: We all know that sun protection is crucial. The Ciao! Baby Portable Umbrella will clamp onto most stroller brands to protect your baby from rain and sun (it’s made from UV-lined nylon for SPF protection). A tilt joint and push button pivot let you control the action.
Perfect for parents who: Head outside, rain and shine.
Good to know: Open, it measures 19"L x 19"W x 31"H, then folds for storage.

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