14 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

14 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Some of the most overlooked baby registry items are the ones you’ll be happiest to have, right from the start. Set yourself up for an easy transition to new motherhood by registering for these practical, don’t-miss baby gifts.

MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh is a mom of five (and counting!) and the voice behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and candid storytelling style. Here, she shares the essential baby items new parents might not know to include on their registry—but should.

Yes, yes, I know… Baby registries can be overwhelming. Honestly the baby world in general can be overwhelming when you first walk into it, but there is a special type of panic when it comes to a registry.

I remember doing my very first baby registry once upon a time. Back then, it meant walking around a store with a scanner gun, and I was overwhelmed by all the options. Who knew there are more than 40 different pacifier brands?! I remember thinking it would be so easy once I got to the store and started shopping, but let me tell you… I was wrong. As I started walking the aisles, I first went for all the big things I knew I needed for a baby. 

  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Crib
  • Bassinet (Okay, someone told me I needed one… what?? I’d just assumed babies went straight into a crib!)
  • Baby monitor
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Bottles
  • Pacifiers
  • Breast pump
  • And so on…

But when I was done adding all the obvious items, I was stuck, staring at walls filled with gadgets and other baby products. Did I need a wipe warmer? What about stroller accessories? Why are there so many different things to put on a car seat? Am I supposed to have all this stuff? 

I wanted someone to make me a list of all the random baby things they had to go out and buy once they had their baby, things that would have saved them to have right from the start.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to give you! Let’s go through the items no one will tell you that you need—but that you don't want to leave off your registry…

Postpartum Care for Moms

Right off: postpartum care, postpartum care, postpartum care! (That's me screaming at you through the screen.) Everyone needs good postpartum-care items, and they aren’t something you can wait on. You don’t want to be sending someone out on day three to find things for postpartum care, so just add them to your registry and have them ready right after delivery.

*Note for c-section mamas! You may think you don't need these items, but you will. I had no idea until speaking with c-section moms that you need a lot of the same things to care for yourself, so put them on your registry.

Scarf Bibs

Man, do I wish I’d known about these for all my babies. Look, babies are constantly covered in yuck, and it isn't fun to be changing their clothes every 20 minutes. These scarf bibs are an amazing solution. Not only do they help keep baby’s clothes dry, they’re a cute addition to an outfit.

Baby Dishes for Early Eaters

People don’t think to add baby eating stuff to their baby registry, and it always surprises me. I know it feels like a long way out, but I promise you, the days of baby starting on solid foods creep up quickly. And you need so. much. stuff. You can never have enough suction plates and bowls, so put them on your registry to get a head start.

High Chair

Speaking of early eaters… HIGH CHAIR! Again, I know it seems so far away, but it really isn’t. And most of the newer high chairs have attachments or a recline option for younger babies, making it a convenient place to put baby while you get dinner ready or quickly eat yourself. On top of that, high chairs can have a decent price tag! If someone can gift you one, I’d take that as a win.

Car Accessories

Overall, I’m not really into lots of accessories, and we try to stick to things we really need. But two car accessories are critical—car seat mat and car seat mirror. A car seat mat helps protect the seats in your car, since after a while a car seat will leave indentations. And a car seat mirror lets you see your baby in the back from your seat in the front—because the panicked twist-and-reach to see your baby just ain't comfy. 

Universal Stroller Cover

No one thinks they need a waterproof stroller cover… until they need a waterproof stroller cover. No matter how little you think you’ll be using a stroller, put the cover on your registry. Just trust me on this one. 

Baby Laundry Products

Do you know that for around the first year (and definitely the first 6 months) you should be using laundry detergent and stain remover approved for babies? I had no idea with my first, so thank goodness someone gave me some as a gift. I think everyone should have them on their registry, not only as a great lower-priced gift (perfect for baby showers), but also as something you really will need! 

Dishwashing Supplies

On the topic of cleaning, the right dishwashing supplies are a huge help with bottles. Formula mamas, you definitely want a dish soap that’s made for bottles. But it may surprise my fellow breast-milk mamas that you do too. The smell of both breast milk and formula that’s sat in a bottle for a while is not good, and dish soap that’s made for bottles, along with a really good bottle brush, can save your bottles from the garbage!

White Noise Machine

I will never stop shouting this from the rooftops: WHITE NOISE MACHINE! In our home, multiple white noise machines save us all, and we start our babies with white noise right from the start to help create a positive sleep routine. I feel that every home will benefit from a little white noise. 


MyRegistry is an amazing way to get everything you need for your new baby, from big to small. Ensure you have the best start to your life as a parent by not forgetting about those baby items that may not be as obvious but can definitely help make the transition a little easier. 

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