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When it comes to gifting,
it's what you want that counts

something you love
9 out of 10 friends will love knowing that whatever they buy you off your Gift List, is going to be something you love….
the tenth friend might regift you the present you got them last year

Always ready for

Add gifts from any of your favorite stores, anywhere in the world, for any occasion – onto one Universal Gift List
What People are Saying
I'm happy because I get to vet the gifts my kids receive in advance, and our friends and family know that anything they give is really going to be loved!
– Jennifer, 36
“Whenever, wherever I see something I want, I just add it to my Gift List and that way it’s always up to date – it’s like the best parts of window shopping and getting gifts all together.”
– Charlie, 27
It takes away all the "what ifs" about getting a gift – if it doesn't fit, if I lose the gift receipt, if I don't have time to make a return, that all goes out the window and I just get to enjoy something I love!
– Emma, 23
“I love not having to guess what people want, or what size they are. Ultimately it saves me time and I always end up giving the best gifts!”
– Lucy, 53

All Stores, One Gift List!TM