Insider tips for building a successful gift registry

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Ring Up Great Sales With Your Registry

Last month, our blog focused on how valuable a gift registry can be for you and your customers&ndash    READ MORE

New Feature - Link Store Registries

Help your customers to link their gift registries from other retailers.    READ MORE

2023 A Holiday Ready Registry and Gift List Starts NOW

Make your gift registry the holiday hero… provide a winning solution for everyone    READ MORE

Fall – the Perfect Time for a Registry Reset and Refresh

September is often unofficially recognized as the start of a new year–with summer breaks and vacations behind us, it means the beginning of a new school year and work routines for millions of us. In response, our activities and social gatherings shift focus as well.    READ MORE

Empty Registry Syndrome’ - A Lost Opportunity

Combat Empty Registry Syndrome so that your business isn’t missing out on revenue opportunities and brand visibility!    READ MORE

Social is Hot – Use it to make your registry sizzle!

Happy summer to all. It’s that time of year when we all tend to slow down to catch our breath before a busy fall and year-end holiday season hits us. But don’t be fooled – as summertime temperatures rise, it’s the perfect cue to heat up your registry as well. There are millions of consumers celebrating events or planning for one in coming months.    READ MORE

“Everybody loves a good gift” A Conversation with Darby Scott

Darby Scott founder talks about her experience using MyRegistry to grow her gifting business. author: Michael Gormley (or if that's not possible - Editors)    READ MORE

Google Analytics 4 updates

Update your tracking abilities with the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.    READ MORE

Community, Confident Moms, and Baby Registries A Conversation with Kinder Cloth Diaper Company

Kinder Cloth founder talks about her experience using MyRegistry to grow her cloth diaper business.    READ MORE

Your Registry + Our Universal Software = A Customer Win

Typically we use these blogs to share marketing ideas or provide tips to help you manage registry activity more efficiently. This time, we want to remind you of the many tools built into your software that can be helpful to your registry users and let you get the credit for suggesting that they take advantage of them.    READ MORE

3 Strategies To Leverage Gifting In Retail E-Commerce: How Customer Advocacy Amplifies 'Add To Cart'

A gifting economy that puts the recipient at the center of the ecosystem could constitute a win-win-win for all parties involved, including the retailer.    READ MORE

What’s new with your registry system?

Our gift registry solution and scanner app are now available in french. If you are looking to add a bilingual component to your gift registry let us know.    READ MORE

Be Prepared for Busy Spring and Summer Gifting

Regardless of what type of business you are in, the coming months are chock full of event planning and celebrations.    READ MORE

Keeping Our Support Up to Date

In our ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility of our products and services, we’ve made some changes to align with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and to keep your registry experience as attainable as possible for all your customers.    READ MORE

Turn the Spotlight on Gift Givers – A Source of Customer Acquisition and New Growth

Want to use your registry to grow your customer acquisition? Every customer who purchases off a registry with your store is another opportunity!    READ MORE

A Data Audit - Tips to Mine All the Information Generated by Your Registry

A Data Audit - Tips to Mine All the Information Generated by Your Registry, With all the talk these days about the power of data to drive business success, look no further than your partner dashboard for a wealth of information about customers and their interest in your products that can shape your strategies.    READ MORE

Neutral Onboarding Colors for your customers!

Neutral Onboarding Colors for your customers! You asked for it and we heard you. Your customers will no longer be redirected to an onboarding page with MyRegistry brand coloring.    READ MORE

Partner Dashboard – ‘Operations Central’ for Successful Registry Management

Partner Dashboard – ‘Operations Central’ for Successful Registry Management, The start of a new year typically has most people making resolutions; one popular goal we often hear    READ MORE

MyRegistry launches a New Digital Wallet System

MyRegistry now offers a Digital Wallet Gift Registry Solution. Perfect for partners: selling special order items, selling high ticket items and who want to offer group gifting and do not have a gift card.    READ MORE

A New Year…And New Gifting Possibilities

A New Year & New Gifting Possibilities, at, the start of a new year always generates optimism. We are excited by the opportunities out there for your gift registry to be an even more vital, integral part of your business.    READ MORE