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Registry Refresh—Stay in Step with A New Season

Registry Refresh—Stay in Step with A New Season

This month we are taking a cue from nature; the seasonal changes we see and feel going on around us signal the perfect time to do a registry refresh.

Whether spring is blooming for our Northern Hemisphere markets or you are a Southern Hemisphere partner getting ready for a fall clean up (a shout out to our Aussie friends), the changes inspire us to take action.

Either way, we embrace the idea of a fresh new look and encourage you to seize the opportunity to renew your gift registry. Update the look and feel of your registry with seasonally appropriate themes and then be sure to refresh any marketing or customer materials to include new products, services, or features you may have recently added. 

Here are a handful of tips to energize your registry for the season ahead. This will keep workload manageable for you and yet still create a noticeable change for your customer (of course, we’re happy to share more ideas on a call any time). Carry any updates across every customer touch point—largely your website, digital platform and stores. Think in terms of visual appeal and key messages that pop; use copy that suits the channel you are using. And, as appropriate, follow new ideas through to your marketing and materials you share with customers. 

Tips for Everyone

Make the registry easily accessible: This isn’t specifically a tip for a refresh but we strongly believe that your registry should be visible to site visitors and easy to use. We constantly encourage you to make this part of any marketing and merchandising updates.

  • For your website or mobile device, our favorite display is inclusion in your top menu. It won’t be missed and hopefully becomes integral to your overall brand DNA. Add another reminder in the footer and you have it covered.
  • In a store, be sure to include registry messages in your seasonal visual strategy. Keep gifting in mind as you update banners, posters, hangtags— even create a few that are entirely dedicated to your registry. And don’t forget a cheery message (displayed in a simple frame) near the checkout to catch attention.
    • As you think about where to place any of these signs, remember to attract the attention of passers-by as well. Include visuals at your entrance and/or in storefront windows, or even right outside depending on your store’s location.

Include your registry in overall branding refreshes you do throughout the year: No doubt you are likely giving the overall business a seasonal refresh and taking the opportunity to focus on what’s new, so be sure to include your registry–its visual presentation, collateral, and marketing materials–in the process. 

  • This will ensure your registry seamlessly integrates with everything else you do and firmly establish it as integral to your brand DNA and a core service feature you proudly offer customers.

Tips for Websites and Digital Platforms

Tips for Websites and Digital Platforms

No doubt you are likely giving all of your platforms a refresh, so be sure to include the registry in the process.

Refresh the registry landing page: We like to say that this page is literally the storefront for your registry so you always want it to be enticing and draw customers in. Showing an alignment with what’s going on in a customer’s life in terms of seasonal gift planning goes a long way to build confidence that you are a trusted registry resource. We have two quick ways you can validate that position:

  • Choose a new hero image that is seasonally appropriate: Go a step further if you have the time and opt for a new design template to give the page a true face lift.
    • Some options are accessible from your partner dashboard. Check them out when you log in by clicking through the ‘Registry Set Up’ icon displayed on the far left side of the screen.
    • While you are at it, take the opportunity to revisit the event type options you offer registrants and be sure that any timely events are included.
    • (For these changes, our tech team is here to offer support and assistance.) 
  • Enhance the space below the hero image: Make it work hard for you as the true ‘storefront’ display of your registry. Add (or update) content to spotlight trending products and helpful features and services, etc. you may have added recently that registry users will especially love.

Promote great gift ideas on product pages/product displays: Customers love to know what products are ‘hot’ and popular, and your dashboard data will share that information. Check out the gifts most requested by your registrants and use that information to add a burst to product pages that shouts out ‘a great gift/customer favorite’. That endorsement creates interest that can lead to new registry activity or a self-purchase. 

Tips for In-Store

Tips for In-Store

Now, follow the same strategy to blend your registry into overall store changes for the season. Such attention to in-store registry service and support is important as we see consumers returning to physical stores. The service and ability to physically engage with products in-store is a competitive advantage that online alone cannot match. How great when you can offer both!

Displays will inspire gifting and registry activity: A display of great gifts for a special occasion can both encourage customers to register and also enhance your reputation as a gift authority. This is a perfect way to showcase new or exclusive products that differentiate you. Not to mention, your website has to rely primarily on product page displays and cannot match the power of a merchandising presentation. Add a tasteful sign that reinforces your registry and you are set.

Leverage the power of your team: Regardless of your service model (whether you offer a highly personalized service or operate with a self-service philosophy), your team should know about your registry and be encouraged to suggest it at appropriate moments. This applies to ALL of your associates; even those who do not interact with customers should be encouraged to suggest it to family and friends when appropriate.

  • If it aligns with your business model, invite customers to set up an appointment for personal assistance with their registry. The relationship established can lead to big results even beyond what is added to a registry; positive word-of-mouth and self-purchasing can drive more sales and future business.

Provide registry materials that are customer accessible: Registry tips and guidance (e.g. a checklist of must-have gifts, a recap of registry service benefits, etc.) available for customers to review serve as useful reminders of your service and reaffirm your role as a gifting expert.

No matter how you’re sprucing up for this upcoming season, when you keep your registry at the top of your priority list, your customers notice! If you want any more tips or have any further questions about how to make sure your registry is always top of mind, contact us at

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