Insider tips for building a successful gift registry

Ring Up Great Sales With Your Registry

Ring Up Great Sales With Your Registry

Last month, our blog focused on how valuable a gift registry can be for you and your customers–especially as we head into the busy year-end when literally everyone is likely to be celebrating a holiday. With so many people involved in seasonal gift exchanges (and that’s in addition to personal events that will take place over the coming months), these next few months will represent the largest gift spending time of the year.

All of that celebratory planning tends to make life busier – and more stressful – than ever. On top of that, this year, we are also grappling with some very mixed economic and political trends.

We couldn’t ask for a better backdrop to promote the use of your gift registry. It can be the perfect holiday helper because customers who create and share a gift list set up gift exchanges that will have happy endings for all involved.

  • The recipient (aka the gift registrant to all of us) will receive what they truly want and can avoid the hassles of returns and exchanges. Not to mention, it’s always a treat when someone else is the one spending the money on a desired item!
  • Those gift givers can feel confident that their purchases will be joyfully received, so their money is well spent.
  • And, you can celebrate the fact that returns and exchanges will be reduced…saving you time and money.

So, let’s make the most of all the opportunities out there. Here are some tried and true tips that ensure your registry gets the attention and use it deserves…while these tips can be applied to registry marketing all year, now’s the time to really turn up the spotlight on this valuable customer service.

Tip #1: Show Your Holiday Spirit In Registry Materials

  • Make your registry look holiday friendly and elf-inviting. Sprinkle in seasonal imagery, joyous greetings and references to holiday gift lists across your registry materials both online and in your stores; match whatever festive look you are using everywhere else. Even a small dash of holiday design or gift message hints will work.
  • It’s not too late to refresh the look of your registry page online…or create some simple signage you print yourself and tastefully display in your store to encourage holiday happiness. And definitely be sure to include the option for a holiday gift list as a drop down option for registrants.

Tip # 2: Extend the Registry/Holiday Gift List Message Broadly Across All of Your Marketing and Advertising Programs,

especially those that are very holiday and gift-centric. And, whatever you do, do it boldly

  • It’s a noisy, cluttered time out there, so don’t be shy or your message will get lost. Make it clear that you and your registry are the perfect antidote to gift shopping stress.
  • Strong visuals, yet simple direct messaging, will instantly resonate with customers. After all, your registry and holiday gift list is solving problems and literally is a gift that you give to your customers.
  • Short and sweet will work and be rather easy to add to your existing marketing materials.

create a gift list

Tip #3: Be the Gift Expert – Make it Easy to Find (and Then Receive) the Perfect Gifts

  • Call out popular gift items in merchandise displays, social media, and other customer communications and always have a tagline about your gift registry. In particular, social media gives you a chance to invite customers to share their holiday favorites. The more they share, the more engaged they become…and that makes them a marketing resource for you.
  • Even better, offer suggestions of great gifts tied into the lifestyles and age ranges of your customers. Guide customers to gifts that are uniquely yours or align with the customer values you know are important. For instance, spotlight items that can be personalized or gifts that are both socially conscious and offered at a great price value at the same time.

Tip #4: Empower Every Associate to be a Holiday Elf and Registry Champion

  • Encourage all of your staff to talk up your registry as a great customer service. They can be your great marketing champions so get them excited about the benefits of a registry/holiday gift list. Start by encouraging all of them to set up a gift list themselves as that personal, hands-on experience makes them great –and authentic– marketers. No ro mention, they get to enjoy the presents they will be happy to unwrap.
  • It’s easy to see how this can work with associates who directly deal with customers, but don’t overlook the power of networking that anyone in your organization can promote.

Enlist Your Existing Registry Users

Tip #5 : Enlist Your Existing Registry Users and Celebrate Their Support

  • These customers represent your best gift marketing tool, even better ambassadors for you than your associates. Their past, positive experience with your registry makes them credible and trusted champions of gift list use, and their registry-sharing can extend to all sorts of new customer prospects.
  • Invite them to update registries that have future event dates, adding new seasonal items. Alternatively, encourage them to create an entirely new gift list just for the season. 
  • And, whatever you do, don’t overlook past gift purchasers…invite them to get into the gifting fun and suggest they create their own holiday gift lists.

Here at MyRegistry, we find the frenetic holiday activity energizing and love seeing all the gift shopping going on. This year, with added political and economic stress, your gift registry can be the best offer you can give your customers…and know it comes back to you in incremental sales, new customer prospects, and enhanced shopper loyalty.

As busy as your business is–especially this time of year–we know that these tips will help you wrap up the season with a bow. And if you have any other questions, we are always available to support you at

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