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Ring in the New Year With New Gifting Opportunities!

Ring in the New Year With New Gifting Opportunities!

Happy New Year everyone! We’re excited to ring in 2024 and collaborate on even stronger registry and gift list success in the coming months.

As 2023 wrapped up, customers were consumed by holiday plans and festivities. We loved all that frenetic activity and the gifting that was going on and were thrilled to see that it was the busiest gifting season ever. But, we’re also glad that life will return to a more normal pace.

As the calendar page turns to a new month and the start of a new year, all sorts of good intentions are shaping—from a desire to be more organized (less stressed), more mindful of spending our time and money wisely (less wasteful) and more thoughtful (considerate of others and what they want). And, as you know, that is the perfect recipe for registry success because the use of a gift registry checks off all those boxes.

Your gifting possibilities are endless and here’s why: 

Every customer represents an opportunity for gift registry use in 2024. While you may not see all of them take action this year, the steady growth we see in registry and gift list use indicates that there will be more active registrants every year. So, let’s be sure your registry is ready for any and all of them!

Let’s get more specific:

represent ongoing opportunities

Current registry users continue to represent ongoing opportunities.

  • Encourage those with future event dates to review and refresh their lists after the recent gifting season. Then, as new merchandise flows in over the coming months, invite them to update their registry with fresh new items. After all, more gifts on a list = more gift purchases options.
  • Reconnect with any registrant who celebrated an event in the past months as they may still have desired gifts that remain unpurchased; a nice nudge or special offer to act may generate some quick sales.

Plus, all of these current registrants will have other celebratory occasions ahead so remind them that they should take advantage of a gift list anytime they want the perfect gifts.

All your other customers will have something to celebrate as well

  • There will be major events like weddings or the arrival of new babies to plan for as well as marking other important milestones like graduations, new moves, and more.
  • And, this may just be the year the customers embrace a registry or gift list for their birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations.

Here’s how to plan for all these possibilities

This calendar displays how registry activity typically unfolds over the coming months. Use it to help develop the marketing and messaging surrounding gift activity so you align with what’s going on in the lives of your customers.

plan for all possibilities

We are excited by all the possibilities ahead; gifting opportunities abound and you can be the expert resource for your customers no matter the occasion.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about managing your registry data, we can always be reached at

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