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About MyRegistry & Our Universal Gift Registry Software

What's included with your software package?
For online use, there is a gift registry home page and an "Add to Registry" button to be placed on all of your product detail pages.

For in-store use, there is a gift registry setup for a kiosk or other web-based device and a branded mobile app with barcode scanner.

Additionally, we include a comprehensive dashboard that organizes gift registry data into easy-to-read reports and analytics to help you shape future marketing initiatives.

How will a universal gift registry help build my business? 
A universal gift registry creates more visibility for your business because it allows your customers’ gift lists to also be displayed on among the other products they want. This added exposure can drive additional sales for your business as well as introduce your brand to a wider audience. 

How will your gift registry software save me time and money?
MyRegistry can assume the workload to develop and launch your registry. Once it’s up and running, we’ll also ensure that your registry always runs with the latest technology. Plus, it can be installed to your existing platform, meaning there’s no additional software to buy.

What if my customers have questions about their gift registry?
We provide ongoing customer service support. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week via phone and Live Chat to help registrants and gift purchasers. Whatever questions they may have, our team is happy to offer prompt, courteous, and professional assistance.

What technical support is needed to install and manage my gift registry?
MyRegistry can handle installation for you and provide ongoing support for your gift registry operations. However, we specifically developed a software solution that requires minimal technical assistance and can be installed with just a few lines of code. In fact, step-by-step instructions make it possible for many partners to install our software on their own.

What platforms does MyRegistry support?
MyRegistry software is designed to seamlessly integrate with all major website platforms, including BigCommerce, 3dcart, Shopify, WordPress, Volusion, GoDaddy, Magento, Squarespace, Big Cartel, and Weebly. And, even if your website platform is custom or not mentioned here, if java script can be placed on your product detail pages, our universal gift registry software can be added to your site.

What kinds of businesses use the MyRegistry universal gift registry software?
Hundreds of businesses in the U.S. and abroad use our universal gift registry software. These include online-only businesses and businesses with physical stores. We accommodate retailers of all sizes and in all product categories. Because MyRegistry gives its users the ability to create a gift list for any celebratory occasion, there is no limit to the types of products they might add. That means all businesses with giftable items can benefit from using our software.

Do I need to invest in hardware to support a gift registry powered by MyRegistry?
No. Our software does not require any new investment in your website or stores. To set up your gift registry in-store, you just need to designate an existing desktop computer or tablet as your "store kiosk." We provide detailed instructions on how to do it.

Are store scanners required?
No. We offer registrants a downloadable app that will turn their smartphones into convenient scanners that will display your store name when in use. Registrants can even add items that do not have barcodes to their registries by taking a picture with their phone’s camera and manually entering product information.

Do I need a printer for in-store use?
A printer is totally optional. Customers can easily send a registry to their smartphone or mobile device and use that as they shop your store.

What happens if there is a system bug?
The MyRegistry tech team is here to address any system bugs that arise. Just contact us at and we will quickly resolve the problem. Additional tech support options (for design updates, building of new features, etc.) are also available for a fee.

About Your Registry Service

What is the "Add to Registry" button, and why is it needed?
The "Add to Registry" button is designed to be placed on your product detail pages so that customers can add your products directly to their registries with just a few clicks. If a customer does not yet have a gift registry with you, they will be prompted to create one when they click any "Add to Registry" button on your site. Once they have an account, clicking the "Add to Registry" button will prompt a panel to open. In this panel, the customer can specify such information as the size, color, and quantity for the desired item before adding it to his or her gift list. This button should be located near your "Add to Cart" button for maximum visibility. We provide you with templates to create this button so it will match your overall page design.

What is the gift registry home page, and why is it needed?
Think of the gift registry home page as the entry point to your registry on your website and/or in your store. This page will invite customers to create, find, or log into an existing registry. Therefore, it should beautifully represent your registry service. It can also include content you wish to share about special features, benefits, etc. We provide you with templates for the gift registry home page, but you may also customize it if you wish.

About Creating A Gift Registry

How does a customer create a gift registry on my website?
There are two ways for a customer to create a registry online. They can either visit your gift registry home page or click the "Add to Registry" button on any product detail page. In either case, they will be prompted to enter their name, email, and password. We make the signup process easy because we know registrants are eager to get started adding items. They can always return later to personalize their registry or update event details.

How does a customer create a gift registry in my store?
The signup process is simple in-store and only requires the customer provide their name, email address, and password. They can create an account on a device you have designated as the "registry kiosk" (can be a desktop or tablet), or you can have them sign up via their smartphones. Either way, it’s quick and easy to get started, and they can add more details later.

How do registrants add products to their gift registries?
It’s easy! On your website, the registrant just has to click the "Add to Registry" button on any product detail page. He or she can then specify such information as quantity, color, and size desired before adding the item to his or her gift list. In your store, our software includes a downloadable app that turns registrants’ smartphones into barcode scanners that they can use to instantly upload items to their gift lists.

Can products without barcodes be added to a registry?
Yes. Our free, downloadable app has a feature that makes it easy to manually add items without barcodes. All the registrant has to do is take a picture of the item, upload it, and then enter key product information.

Can registrants add anything in my assortment?
That’s up to you! Our registry software is designed to include whatever products you want. If you wish to exclude products, be sure to clearly explain this to your customers and manage their expectations. On your website, do not include the "Add to Registry" button on any items you do not want added to a gift list. In your store(s), be sure to clearly sign any ineligible products.

Does in-store registry use require a dedicated associate?
No. Our software is designed to be user friendly and self service. However, some registrants and gift buyers will want to ask questions, so it makes sense to educate everyone on your staff about the registry process in the event they are approached for assistance or advice.

Can registrants set up their registry in one location and then update it from another location? 
Yes. If you have more than one location (website and/or store), registrants can add gifts or update registry details from any of them. In fact, it’s very common for people to start a registry in-store and then use that store’s website to manage their registry from that point forward.

What is your privacy policy with regard to sharing client or account information with a third party?
We take the privacy of our partners and their customers very seriously. We are fully committed to handling the information we collect from them in a secure and responsible manner. Please read our full Privacy Policy here.

What online security measures do you employ?
- Hosting on AWS private cloud
- Private protected network
- Secure Web access (SSL/TLS encryption)
- Password encryption
- Encrypted transmission
- Service level agreement (SLA) of 99%
- Backed by AWS EC2 service level agreement

About Fulfilling Gift Purchases

What forms of payment are accepted on
Customers cannot check out on our site. When they find a product of yours they wish to purchase, they are redirected to your website to complete the transaction. Payment methods and shipping and delivery options are set by you. If a shopper contacts our Customer Service department for assistance, we will guide them through your checkout process. 

Does fulfill orders?
No. All purchases are fulfilled by you, regardless of whether they are made in your store, on your site, or off of an aggregated list displayed on You have 100% control over the post-purchase process so you can ensure that your brand standards and policies are maintained. stands behind your policies.

Who handles returns and exchanges?
Returns and exchanges are always handled by you. We believe you should be the only one involved in shaping the shopping experience for your customers. However, our Customer Service team is always here to assist registrants and gift buyers, should they have questions.

How are gift purchases updated on a registry?
It depends on the software plan you select. For example, with our basic plan, in-store purchases are manually updated by a store associate or the gift buyer after the transaction is complete. Online purchases are also updated by the gift buyer after they complete the checkout process. We also offer customized registry plans with solutions to auto-mark gifts as purchased. Contact us at for more information.

About Assisting Gift Buyers

How do gift buyers make an online purchase from my registry?
Your online gift registry is accessible from any desktop computer or mobile device (our software is compatible with Androids and iPhones). To find it, gift buyers should visit your website and then click the "Registry" or "Gift Registry" link. This will bring them to your gift registry home page, where they will see "Find a Registry." They should enter the registrant’s first and last name to bring up matching results. Once they find the correct registry, they can click the link to view and shop from it. The checkout process is the same as any other transaction on your website. A gift buyer can also purchase registry items from your store via

How does a gift buyer shop from a registry displayed on
Gift buyers can search for your customer’s registry right on the home page. They just need to enter the registrant’s name, and we’ll present them with the registry list that shows your products (with your brand logo) displayed. When they select a product from your store, the order is directed to you for processing and fulfillment.

How do gift buyers make an in-store purchase from my registry?
The process is similar in-store and online. Gift buyers will access your registry via your dedicated in-store registry device, locate "Find a Registry," and then enter the first and last name of the registrant to pull up matching results. Once the gift(s) are selected, they will go through your normal store checkout. At this time, you can also give them the option to have the gift sent directly to the registrant’s address on file.

What if a gift buyer wants to purchase an item that is not available in my store?
This is an opportunity to provide them with exceptional service. You can either help them order the item online, if that is an option, or you can assist them in choosing a comparable item that is available in-store.

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