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Mkali Moments Event Space Jacqueline Dzandu

Mkali Moments Event Space will be a place where you and your loved ones, associates and the public can come together for your various event needs.

In addition to providing optional event planning services to help you be a guest at your event, you can rent it for a few hours with one of our packages to host your reception, baby shower, product launch, art exhibition, workshop and more.

We highly value giving back and working together to help support one another. This safe space is not for us, but for the community.

We will be hosting various FREE events during the months to help enlighten and provide valuable experiences to our local communities. Workshops on veganism/plant-based lifestyle, entrepreneurship, personal growth, mental health, yoga, as well as events such as pop-up shops, mindful activities for the youth and many more will be held to bring value in various ways to all those who seek it.

This has been a childhood dream of mine and it's finally coming to fruition! We're looking forward to announcing our official Grand Opening date where you can come witness and celebrate this new chapter with us.

In the meantime, if you're feeling generous and would like to help a black-owned business by a young, female entrepreneur, your support would be appreciated more than you can ever imagine.

For any donations given over $10, a receipt can be given for tax purposes upon request. Also, if you have a business, you will be considered one of our sponsors which we will announce on our website, at the Grand Opening and depending on the donation, possibly even engraved directly on the product your donation contributed towards.

If you are in or affiliated with the event industry or in any way we can see fit, you will also be added to our Preferred Vendors List for our future clients to use for their event needs.

Thank you so much for your contribution! 🙏🏿💓

Please stay in touch with us:

Much love,

Owner, Mkali Moments
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