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Add to Button

Get the extension that lets you add any item from any online store to your gift list.

Your options are endless!
Sit back, relax, and browse through any, and all, of your favorite stores.
Found your must-have item? Yay!
Click on your shiny new extension to add the item to your gift list. It’s that easy!
We’ve added an extra perk for you, too!
You’ll have the ability to preview your notifications right from your extension. No more interrupting your browsing experience!
Image of a gift
With monthly enhancements and upgrades, the Add to Button extension is the gift that keeps on giving.
Now that’s what we call the perfect gift-adding experience!
Available for Chrome and Firefox. More browsers coming soon.
Rather not use an extension? Check out our Bookmarks Button.

Looks like you’re on your phone!

The Add to Button is for desktop only.

To continue using your phone to add gifts, download the MyRegistry App.