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What’s a Universal Gift Registry?
A universal gift registry is a must-have tool for e-commerce retailers—without one, you’re not capturing your full sales potential!
With a universal registry, customers can combine products from any store in the world on one gift list, offering brand exposure for smaller retailers.
Best of all, our Gift Registry and Gift List App for Shopify is free for life.
Why Should I Get This Gift Registry App?
Fully Customizable
Our professional plug-and-play solution with a branded gift list page and Add to Gift List button can be added and customized with our simple 3-step wizard.
Data and Analytics Dashboard
View sign-ups, gifts added, gifts purchased, and registrant details—valuable information that can be used to maximize your marketing efforts.
Free for Life
Our fully functional standard gift list solution is free for life, and you’ll never need to pay more.
Benefits of Adding Our App to Your Shopify Store

New Revenue Stream

As customers add your products to their gift registries for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, their friends and family will buy those gifts, resulting in new revenue for your business.

Leveling the Playing Field

A universal gift registry keeps you competitive with other retailers by placing items from your store onto the same gift list as the big-name retailers, translating into more brand exposure and more sales for you.

More Customer Acquisitions

Gift lists created by your customers give their friends and families who’ve never shopped with you before a reason to visit your site, make a purchase, and become ongoing customers in the future.

Full-Price Sales

Unlike most regular shoppers, gift buyers rarely worry about getting discounts. If a gift meets their budget, they’ll buy it at full price.
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