Welcome to the Gift List of

Elle Anderson

Hello! We are excited to celebrate Elle’s second birthday with you!
This registry includes some of Ellie’s interests and needs. She has more toys than we know what to do with, so we hope to receive items that she’ll be able to use more purposefully. Thank you!

Some of her other interests include:
-Reading books that are interactive (cardboard books preferred—she’s hard on them!)
-She always wants to help in the kitchen and be involved with cooking
-Items that are animal themed (she loves bees, worms, caterpillars, birds, zebras, giraffes, elephants, butterflies, etc.) (i.e. books or clothes with animals, we have loads of animal toys haha)
-Hot air balloons
-Playing music instruments (she is taking a music class and loves it!)

Her current clothing sizes are:
-Shirts: 3T
-Pants/shorts: 3T
-Shoes: size 7
-Dresses: 3T
-Pajamas: 4T
-Swimsuit: 4T

Her most needed items are clothes/shoes for the summer and dresses. To see gift ideas, click the white present box in the gray stripe above “Welcome to my Gift List”

Thank you again!!!
You’ll notice that Elle has added items from Amazon, Target, and Walmart. That’s the beauty of having a registry at MyRegistry.com—our members can add items from literally any store!
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