It’s Ok to Ask For Money On Your Wedding Registry

Its Ok to Ask For Money On Your Wedding Registry

The tradition of giving money as a wedding gift – via envelope dropped into a box, or pinned to the bride’s dress, or any number of the usual customs – is not new nor a highly contested one. Requesting money as a wedding gift, however? Safe to say, I think we all know someone who has raised an eyebrow or two at the idea of a cash fund on a registry. 

And while it’s easy to get wrapped up in making sure that everyones’ expectations for your wedding are met; your registry – just like every other part of your wedding – is ultimately for you. If what you want is money, you should be able to ask for it.

So How Do You Ask For Money On Your Wedding Registry

There are a lot of reasons why putting money on your registry might be what works best for you and your partner. Maybe you’re in the process of a big life change, like moving or starting a family. Or maybe you’ve already been living together for a while and the best gift for you would be getting to create some new memories. But no matter what the why is, if it works for you then it works. In fact, economists suggested that any money given to you as a gift is actually a more effective (higher value) use of those dollars than if they were spent on an actual present.

Here are just a few of our favorite ways that our brides and grooms have framed their registry cash funds that expresses not just what they want, but how they want to spend their life together: 

  • Down payment for a home
  • Pet fund
  • Honeymoon expenses (and this can be just a generic honeymoon fund or you could really get specific: couples massages, activities, flights!)
  • Date nights for the first year of marriage
  • Cooking classes
  • Charity funds (MyRegistry gives you the option to choose from a database of over 1 million nonprofits that your guests can contribute to)

Nowadays, most registries come with a cash component, so you’re really not going to shock too many people by having it on there. That being said, when you dedicate your cash funds to specific events, or trips, or activities, not only does it make people feel like their gift is really going to something important, but it lets your loved ones feel like they’re a part of your life in all those ways as well. 

Ultimately, no matter how you frame it, the gift of money for your wedding = memories. And if that’s how you want to celebrate, your friends and family will appreciate being able to contribute and enjoy being right there with you for every milestone.


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