The Best Wedding Registry Gifts for Coffee Lovers

38 of the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers, a couple, possibly engaged, holding hands across the table with mugs of coffee in their free hands.

Coffee is the stuff of life—or at least the stuff of waking up in the morning—so it’s no surprise so many people live for their daily cup of joe.

While a basic coffee maker is a wedding registry staple, coffee drinkers are increasingly approaching their daily dose of caffeine as more of a hobby or passion project. With so many specialized makers and gadgets available, you can even produce coffeehouse-quality brew yourself.

From “Diner Joe” to Gourmet Every Day

A cup of coffee was once as basic as a morning start-up from a diner or corner market. Today, people are making high-end, gourmet-quality coffee right at home. And whether it’s imported fair-trade coffee beans and a rotation of exotic flavors, or an espresso machine and other specialized gadgets set up in a dedicated coffee corner of your kitchen, enjoying the brew has become an art form.

What Makes a True Coffee Lover?

Do you live to try new flavors? Do you grind your own beans at home to get the absolute best cup? Fancy single-serve coffee makers, exotic blends, and a collection of specialized mugs for different drinks are also signs of a connoisseur.

The Latest in At-Home Coffee Makers

There’s no shortage of awesome coffee makers available today, and a variety of features lets you make customized cups right at home. These high-tech appliances will also look sleek and sophisticated on any kitchen counter.

Best Wedding Gifts for Coffee Lovers

From mugs and makers to gadgets and accessories, here are 38 wedding registry gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Best Coffee and Espresso Makers

Keurig K-Elite 

This sleek and versatile coffee maker from Keurig allows you to brew single-serve cups at home. Adjustable brew strengths mean you can brew a stronger cup when you need it, and there’s an iced button so you can enjoy a delicious full-flavored cold brew. Choose from five different brew sizes and a host of other features for a customized cup.
Good to know: The Keurig K-Elite can brew hot cocoa and tea, too — just be sure to cleanse the machine by brewing a cup of water before making your next cup of coffee.

SMEG ’50s Retro 

With its fun, retro-inspired design, the SMEG espresso maker blends vintage style with modern features, including a user-friendly control panel. This powerful machine is made of durable stainless steel and offers three functions: one cup, two cups, and a steam option for a delicious, frothy cup. A removable water tank allows for an optional filter, giving a smooth-tasting cup of espresso every time.
Good to know: This unique machine includes a removable drip tray to accommodate larger mugs.

Chemex Pour-Over 

Simple yet sophisticated, this classic glass coffee maker from Chemex is a single-piece vessel crafted of heat-resistant material. Using a simple, time-tested method, you’ll get a fresh, clean-tasting brew each time: Just place grounds in the filter, then pour hot water over the top. Pair it with unbleached filter squares to create the perfect cup of coffee, and adjust the amount of grounds you use to brew each cup to your preferred strength.
Good to know: A polished wood collar with leather tie serves as a heat-protective handle and gives it a high-end finishing touch.

Bodum Chambord

A Bodum coffee press is one of the most recognized coffee products out there. With a simple stainless steel filter, heat-resistant borosilicate glass vessel, and stay cool handle and knob, it brews coffee in just four minutes.
Good to know: Dishwasher safe.

How to use the Bodum French Press:


Hario Pour Over 

This gorgeous pour-over coffee maker will enhance any kitchen. The kettle and dripper are both made of copper, a fantastic thermal conductor that maintains water temperature to produce a robust cup of coffee, with slow, precise pouring for even saturation. The heatproof glass pot can hold two to four cups of coffee, and the lid serves as a stand for the dripper.
Good to know: This coffee maker comes with 40 white paper filters.

Flair Signature 

Make handcrafted shots of espresso with this sleek coffee maker from Flair, with a manual espresso press that produces high-quality shots at home. The espresso maker includes a custom pressure gauge so you can brew between six and nine bars for a perfect cup, plus a stainless-steel tamper and a detachable brewing head for easy cleaning.
Good to know: Like your espresso on the go? The Flair Signature comes with a padded carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you roam.

Cylinda Line

This modern take on a classic French press, part of the Cylinda Line from midcentury Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, features a sleek, award-winning design. Enjoy the perfect taste and temperature thanks to the double-walled construction that retains heat, a simple functionality that makes brewing easy. Holds up to eight cups at a time.
Good to know: Shiny stainless steel combines with a sturdy plastic handle for heat protection.

West Bend 

Make tons of coffee with this entertaining-ready unit featuring a huge 2.2-gallon (55-cup) capacity. With a classic design crafted of polished stainless steel for good looks, this one is designed for special events and larger gatherings, with a simple non-drip faucet for quick and easy serving.
Good to know: Dual thermostats will keep your coffee hot throughout any event. Use the two-way faucet for single cups or large carafes.

Breville Barista Express 

Brew perfect espresso in less than a minute with this gorgeous espresso maker from Breville. It features a built-in grinder for ultra-fresh coffee and interchangeable filters for automatic or manual operation. This unit is perfect for the true espresso fan, with an adjustable brew temperature and an integrated pressure guide. The airtight round coffee bean hopper keeps your coffee’s aroma and freshness intact.
Good to know: You can enjoy more coffee thanks to the extra-large water tank that holds up to 67 ounces.

Primula Pace 

The Primula Pace is ideal for cafe-quality iced coffee. The sleek and attractive borosilicate glass pitcher with a non-slip base can be used for both brewing and serving your favorite cold brew, which will last 14 days when refrigerated.
Good to know: Dishwasher safe, with a small footprint that fits inside most refrigerator doors

How to use the Primula Pace:


Le Creuset Café 

Add color to your kitchen with this gorgeous French press from the famous brand Le Creuset. The high-fired enameled stoneware is incredibly strong and comes in an array of striking colors that coordinate with other Le Creuset cookware and accessories. A stainless-steel plunger with a mesh sieve perfectly filters your favorite coffee grounds.
Good to know: This French press is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean.

Wacaco Nanopresso 

Now you can make espresso anywhere with this unique portable espresso maker. The patented pumping system creates the perfect cup with the help of your hands to create stable pressure as you brew. The unit is small, lightweight, and super simple to use, and it works best with finely ground coffee.
Good to know: The included travel case makes it the perfect companion for real espresso on the go.

How to use the Wacaco Espresso Maker:


Coffee Gadgets

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother

This great kitchen tool with its unique design and sleek stainless-steel construction is one of the best wedding gifts for coffee lovers, working like magic to transform regular milk into a delicious froth for lattes and cappuccinos. Simply pour milk into a mug, insert the head, and push the button to transform your milk into coffeehouse-like foam.
Good to know: This milk frother is extremely lightweight, and its ergonomic design fits right into the palm of your hand.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Don’t suffer from cold coffee! This mug warmer from Mr. Coffee is easy to use and will keep your coffee nice and warm as you work or relax while sipping leisurely. It features a convenient cord so you can plug it in virtually anywhere you please.
Good to know: The surface of this mug warmer is easy to clean for simple upkeep.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Make sure your coffee is always the perfect temp with one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. This modern-looking mug has a one-hour battery life on a single charge, plus a charging coaster for all-day use, ensuring your java stays toasty hot as long as you want. You can even control it with your smartphone using the Ember App to set the temperature and customize settings.
Good to know: The Ember Smart Mug is made of stainless steel with a ceramic coating and should be hand-washed only.

How to use the Ember Smart Mug:


Kruve Coffee Sifter

This gorgeous coffee sifter with a sleek, modern design gives you the perfect grind every time. Place your coffee into the unit and refine it to the micro range of your choice with two tiers and up to 12 sieves. This gadget is the ultimate way to guarantee proper brewing through accurate calibration.
Good to know: Designed to be easy to clean, with stainless steel sieves that need only a quick rinse.

How to use the Kruve Coffee Sifter:

Coffee Accessories


Coffee Accessories

Kate Spade Birchway

Enhanced with a delicate watercolor design, this beautiful coffee pot from Lenox boasts a gorgeous white background and indigo-hued floral accents. The pot is made of durable white bone China, and it’s easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe construction.

Kaico Enamel

This award-winning coffee pot boasts a gorgeous silhouette and features a large stainless-steel vessel covered in white enamel. The pot also features a striking maple wood lid knob that allows you to control the temperature as you refill your cup.

Blue Tulip 

Dress up your table with this adorable coffee pot featuring a sweet blue bird perched on top. The beautiful pattern features a classic Polish pottery design, and the pot itself is made of sturdy ceramic, so it’s built to last.

Fred Cool Beans

This unique novelty gift makes coffee fun with its coffee bean–shaped design. Fill the tray with coffee, pop it in the freezer, and enjoy some whimsical ice as you keep your cold brew or iced coffee at the right temp without diluting it.

Shell Bisque

This set of two espresso cups features delicate shell bisque construction with a gorgeous soft translucent glaze. Each piece is unique and features a grainy, sandy eggshell texture that looks fabulous alongside the polished interior glaze.

Nagasaki Coffee Spoons

This set of six coffee spoons is inspired by traditional Japanese shapes and features stainless-steel construction for a sleek shine. The playful, streamlined silhouette makes this flatware a great gift for coffee lovers who appreciate a bit of beauty with their brew.

Summer Vine 

Adorned with an adorable floral and vine pattern, this sweet set features a sugar bowl, creamer pot, and a matching tray for a lovely display. Use it every day, or save it for special occasions to serve up the perfect cup of coffee in style.

Blue Daisy Cow Creamer

This cow-shaped creamer is a sweet addition to any rustic, farm-style, or even contemporary kitchen. A colorful floral pattern adds to the creamer’s already playful appeal.

Coffee Mugs and Other Vessels

Tinware Espresso Mug

This set of six espresso mugs features an assortment of soft colors and a vintage throwback design. Inspired by retro metalware, this modern set of mugs is made of sturdy tin with dishwasher-safe construction.

Fiestaware Bistro

Spice things up with these unique coffee mugs that come in a rainbow of whimsical colors. Crafted by iconic brand Fiestaware and made in the USA, these sturdy mugs have retro appeal and hold 18 ounces of your favorite coffee.


This set of four beautiful mugs features a classic farmhouse-inspired white glaze. The coffee mugs are made in Portugal, and the sturdy stoneware gives them a nice, substantial feel.

Dauville Mug 

Heighten your coffee experience with this set of four gorgeous mugs accented with a shimmering gold rim. The creamy textured white finish adds a nice contrast, and the gold handle highlights the mug’s luxe aesthetic.

YETI Coffee Mug Set

The perfect gift for newlywed coffee lovers, this mug set by YETI features their famous insulated design. Each travel mug has double-wall insulation with stainless-steel construction, and the set comes in bold black and romantic white.

Stanley Classic Vacuum

Whether you’re hitting the hiking trail or heading to work, this classic wide-mouth coffee vessel is perfect for java fans on the go, keeping your coffee hot all day long. The large capacity makes it perfect for road trips, as do the sturdy handle and lid.

How to use the Stanley Classic:


Bodum Bistro 

Add a modern touch to your coffee experience with this sleek, clear coffee mug made of double-walled, insulating glass. The mug keeps your hot coffee hot, and it’s also a great option for ice-cold drinks, too.

Soma Ceramic 

With a gorgeous ceramic design and loads of features, this to-go mug from Soma has double-walled insulation to keep coffee hot (or cold) for hours. The mug features a smooth matte finish and a leak-proof natural bamboo cap for added style.

For the Coffee Snob

“The World Atlas of Coffee”

Get the gift of knowledge with this unique book that explores the history and origins of coffee. It also discusses brewing techniques, information about the coffee plant, and more, for an enjoyable, enlightening read.

Stagg Electric 

This clever electric kettle lets you set your desired water temperature and view its progress on a subtle LCD screen, taking the “Is it hot enough?” guesswork out of heating water for your pour-over. The minimalist design won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

How to use the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle:


Lido 2 Manual

This powerful hand mill is easy to use but extremely aggressive for fine grinding. Ideal for coffee lovers everywhere, this gadget will grind coffee beans down to your favorite consistency for the perfect cup every time.

Acaia Pearl 

Measure coffee perfectly with this digital scale featuring Bluetooth technology and a built-in stopwatch. Use the scale to track blooming, pouring, and infusion time along with a timer that syncs with your smartphone.

For the Coffee Humored

Haflinger Coffee Slipper

Showcase your love of good coffee with these cheeky slippers. Made of natural wool, they conform to the shape of your feet over time and offer warmth along with adorability.

Wax & Wick 

This candle is made of pure soy wax and features notes of chocolate and dark roasted coffee. Use it in your kitchen or home office to enjoy the enticing scent of espresso throughout the day.

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