Resources Revealed! Discover the Ultimate List of Wedding Forums, Communities & Online Groups

Resources Revealed! Discover the Ultimate List of Wedding Forums, Communities & Online Groups

The internet is a vast and ever-expanding online resource center, and one of the best uses of social media is wedding planning. While has all of your wedding registry needs and gift guides covered, there’s so much more that goes into your big day. All across the web, you can read about how to make a bouquet, find qualified photographers and videographers near you, get customized quotes from local vendors, product designers and much more. The number of ways to use the internet to plan your wedding is increasing exponentially each day. 

To help with all of this stress…we mean, spendingexcitement, you need to know where to go online for valuable information beyond generic listicles touting the best bridal robes and photo booth props. If you want specific advice regarding the planning of your wedding (and if you are like most people who set out on the adventure of getting married—then yes, you do), then you need real people—newlyweds, fellow brides in your city, objective experts, etc.—that you can call on for advice. This is where wedding forums, communities and online groups come in. 

Wedding Forums & Communities

Most major players in the digital bridal space have some type of online forum, community or group chat that allows members to ask questions, post comments and duke it out whether or not it’s OK to have a cash bar at welcome events. 

Different forums often have different vibes, so be sure to check out a few. If you find a group of people that you like and who’ve helped you out, make sure to pay back the favor by responding to their questions when you have something to add. 

Some of’s favorites include the Betches Brides Group Chat, Weddingbee and the Disney Weddings and Honeymoons Forum. For’s full list of wedding forums and communities, scroll down to the end of this article. 

Wedding-Related Facebook Groups

While Facebook may no longer be the go-to daily destination for posting a status, people, especially brides and grooms, flock to the social network’s sense of community and connection, and wedding-related Facebook groups of all types thrive. Public. Private. Based on geography. And a never-ending sea of special-interests within those three groups means that absolutely everyone can find a Facebook Group that’s right for them. 

Remember that everyone in your group is generally going through a shared experience (and often for the first time), so be respectful and helpful with your posts. Fellow members will gladly respond to your questions as long as you stay on topic and ​​avoid posting irrelevant or off-topic content.

Some of’s favorites include πŸ’°πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸΌ Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning πŸ’•πŸ₯‚πŸ’, Everything Wedding, and Destination Wedding Directory. For’s full list of wedding-related public and private Facebook groups, scroll down to the end of this article. 

Wedding Subreddits

Last week, more than 8,000 subreddits joined forces to stage a blackout in protest of the Reddit’s decision to charge for third-party use of its API, marking one of the largest organized protests in the tech giant’s history. It was only meant to last a couple of days, but we’re still in uncharted waters; some wedding subreddits have come back online, some have gone private, some have been set to restricted, others are still boycotting the platform entirely. 

With topics ranging from the super broad to the minutely granular, it might be easy to compare wedding planning subreddits to its Facebook Group peers. However, Facebook Groups are generally more social-focused, while subreddits are more often geared specifically towards sharing information and ideas. Plus, the platform’s system of upvoting and downvoting allows the most relevant and helpful content to rise to the top, making it easier for users to find valuable and informative posts. 

Some of’s favorites include r/WeddingDress, r/wedding and r/Weddingsunder10k. For’s full list of wedding subreddits, scroll down to the end of this article. 

Wedding-Related LinkedIn Groups

While LinkedIn is often only seen as a professional networking platform, savvy brides and grooms can also use the social platform—specifically its industry-specific LinkedIn Group—as a resource for wedding planning. Connect directly with experts in groups centered around wedding photography, wedding coordination, wedding cakes, even wedding calligraphy. 

However, don’t expect these groups to function in the same way as some of the more community-centered resources previously mentioned. You should only join the groups of wedding professionals that you’re looking to solicit, but if you know exactly what you need (a wedding photographer that specializes in photojournalism, perhaps?), then LinkedIn Groups may offer the exact piece of advice you’ve been endlessly searching for elsewhere online.  

Some of’s favorites include This is Wedding Photography, Wedding & Bridal Industry Professionals and Wedding Calligraphy. For’s full list of wedding-related LinkedIn Groups, scroll down to the end of this article. 

Forums & Communities:


Betches Brides Group Chat

BestDestinationWedding Forum

Wedding Ideas Magazine Forum

Houzz Wedding Forum

Long Island Weddings Forum

Help I’m Getting Married Forum

Disney Weddings and Honeymoons Forum

Facebook Groups:

Public Groups—

Wedding on a Budget - Money Saving Ideas

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Stuff for Sale

Bride and Breakfast Wedding Community

The Wedding Cookie Table Community

Destination Wedding Directory

Wedding Items for Sale - New & Preloved

Wedding Business Pages

Everything Wedding


Rustic Wedding Vendors and Decorations 4 Sale/Trade/Swap/Booking

Wedding decoration n Planning [sic]

Wedding Gift Ideas


Wedding MBA

Lings Moments Wedding Buy/Sell/Trade

Wedding Dresses & Wedding Items For Sale Or Hire

Private Groups

Brides 2023: Ideas, Inspiration & Wedding Planning Support Community πŸ’

Budget Wedding Planning Community

• Fall Wedding Planning • Fall 2022 & 2023 •

COMPLETELY BRIDAL - Wedding Planning Tips, Tricks & To-Dos

LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning and Advice

Elopement Wedding Ideas & Planning

Wedding Planning Toasters

Frum Wedding Planning Resources

Planning Your Disney Wedding

The Wedding Society - Planning Tips & Support

Wedding Planning - Ideas and Inspiration

Wedding Planning Support Group

DIY Weddings - Plan A Wedding on a Budget

Engaged AF - Wedding Planning for Brides & Grooms

Gay / Lesbian Wedding Planning And Support

Wedding Planning Club

Wedding Planning Advice And More

Planning Wedding on Budget

πŸ’°πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸΌ Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning πŸ’•πŸ₯‚πŸ’

Wedding Planning 101

Planning your Italian Wedding - La Lista

Groups by State/Region—

The Planning Nest AZ (Wedding Planning)

Weddings in Los Angeles (Share Ideas, Trade/Sell Wedding Items/Services )

Sacramento and Northern California Wedding Photographers and Vendors

CT Wedding Advice

CT Wedding Connection

Wedding Planning For Modern Brides in Florida

Orlando Wedding Vendors

Florida Wedding Professionals

Orlando Wedding Ideas, Services & Vendors

All Things Wedding Georgia

Atlanta Wedding Planning

Augusta Wedding Planning For Brides Of The CSRA

Illinois Wedding & Event Planning

Chicago Weddings - Vendor Searches, Advice & Wedding Planning

Illinois Wedding & Event Planning

Wedding Recycle Chicago

Chicago Brides ISO Wedding Vendors

Kentucky Weddings - Vendor Searches, Advice & Wedding Planning

Kentucky Wedding Advice, Resale & Vendor Services

MAINE and NH brides wedding planning

Massachusetts Wedding Planning & Advice

Michigan Wedding Vendors

Minnesota Wedding Connection

South Mississippi wedding resale

The Gulf Coast Wedding Planner

northern NJ Wedding decor Buy/sell/trade

Wedding Vendors in New Jersey

New York City Brides: Wedding Buy & Sell

New York Wedding and Event Professionals

New York Weddings

Hudson Valley Wedding Decor/supply Buy Sell And Trade

Long Island Wedding Vendors

Long Island, NYC Party vendors, DJ, wedding & event planners

Western NEW YORK Wedding and Party Supplies For Sale

518 Brides, Grooms & Wedding Professionals

WNC's All Things Wedding

Asheville Wedding Vendors-a Bride's Resource

Cincinnati Area Wedding Planning Group

Portland Wedding Community

Oregon Wedding Community

York, PA & surrounding area WEDDING/EVENT VENDORS

PA Wedding Planning (Couples & Vendors)

Wedding Planning Philadelphia Area

"All Things Wedding" Central PA

RI Wedding Vendors and Planning Help

Myrtle Beach Wedding Vendors

Nashville Wedding Vendors

East Tennessee & Smoky Mountain Brides & Wedding Vendors

Houston Wedding Brides

DFW Wedding Vendors - For Brides to Find You!

DFW Wedding Venues

Houston Wedding Community

Utah Wedding Professionals

Virginia Wedding Vendor & Bridal Network

DMV Wedding Directory

All Things Wedding WV

Wisconsin Wedding Vendors--Caterers, Photographers, Dj's and More!

WI Wedding Photographers














LinkedIn Groups:

Event Planners & Coordinators

Wedding Industry Professionals

BridesView - Linking The Best Wedding Photographers

Wedding Professionals Networking Group

This is Wedding Photography

Wedding Professionals

Wedding and Event Business Owners Support Network

Wedding Planners & Coordinators

Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding and Portrait Photographers United - W&PPU

Wedding Market Professionals

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Professionals

The Wedding Video Business

Wedding Business Advice

Promote! for Wedding and Event Planners

Luxury Wedding Professionals

Wedding and Special Occasion cake creaters [sic]

Brides-Wedding Service Providers Network

Wedding Professionals Forum and Network

Top Wedding Sites

United States Wedding Professionals

Wedding & Bridal Industry Professionals

Note: This list is not exhaustive, but it covers some of the most popular and widely used wedding-related forums, Facebook groups, subreddits and LinkedIn groups.


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