The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist For The Perfect Start

The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist For The Perfect Start

Our lives today are more fluid than ever. Every married couple is going to have different needs. But everyone starts from somewhere - so this wedding registry checklist can help you explore what you might want to add to your registry for the perfect start in your marriage.

Maybe you and your partner have remote work or are getting married later in life, no two lifestyles are going to be the same. Your registry should reflect the life you and your partner want to build. .

Maybe the ease and access to big box retailers is appealing? Or supporting local smaller retailers is important to you? Perhaps sustainable brands or recycled products are your cup of tea? The wedding registry should reflect not just your lifestyle choices but you and your partner’s values as well.


Do you already have a department store wedding registry created on a retailer platform - like Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s? You can use MyRegistry’s sync functionality and create a single universal wedding registry that will put everything you want and love from all your favorite stores in one place. 

Set Up Your Home with Essential Wedding Registry Items

To help you start your married life on the right foot, our team did some independent research and curated a helpful wedding registry checklist including a category-wise breakdown of registry must-haves.

1. Kitchen Appliances

Morning time can be quiet time together with a cup of joe. Don’t rush out the door to grab a Starbucks on your own. Start the day with your honey by brewing your favorite Lattes and cappuccinos at home in no time with an easy-to-use, one-touch espresso machine. 

Later in the day, use a stand mixer to cook alongside your bae as you mix a batch of cookies, knead some dough, or whip a meringue. There isn’t much these kitchen appliances can’t do! 



2. Dinnerware and Flatware

Do you and your partner love to entertain? Bring style to your table, with dinnerware and flatware. You’ll want all the essentials: glazed finish dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, mugs, and a set including finely-crafted forks, spoons, and knives! Now all you need is a menu for the party.



3. Cookware and Bakeware

From farm (or fridge) to table, cooking can be a lifetime pursuit for you and your spouse. If home cooked meals are your jam, here are some kitchen products you should add to your registry. From pots and pans to baking sheets and everything else, these kitchen items will provide you with all the basics you’ll need to bring that favorite dish from the recipe book to the table! 




4. Entertaining Staples

If you’re a couple that is always ready for an impromptu party or potluck, stock your kitchen with these conversation starters including gleaming glasses, chargers, and bowls. A charcuterie board is another entertainment necessity that’ll make serving cheeses, meat, crackers, and breads more fun. These items aren’t just functional but will also be a statement making addition to your table. 




5. Home Decor

Even if you’ve lived with your partner before getting married, home decor choices are great to add to your registry. Freshen up your home or start a new look with your new spouse. A wedding registry is much more than just kitchen items and appliances, look to include these home essentials that are decorative yet functional. Upgrade your home with decor staples like a rug, throw pillows, and more to keep it cozy. 




6. Home Office Items

COVID-19 has changed the WFH model forever. Maybe you or your spouse (of both) are working from home. It’s important to create a space that separates your work from the chaos of life around you. Make your workstation an effective place to work - include chairs, tables, pen holders, and other stationary staples to your registry. If you don’t have enough lighting, desk lamps can be a great addition to your registry and will help you reduce eye strain and fatigue. 




7. Bedding & Bathing Sets

Maybe you get hot under the covers and your spouse is cold. Bedding that keeps you both comfortable should be on your list. Maybe a cozy bedding set and a soft cotton bathrobe to give refreshing vibes like a good spa day! With these bedding and bathing essentials, elevate your bedding and wrap you and your bae in comfort at the end of every day. 



8. Outdoor Furniture

 If you have a patio, it will come as no surprise that you’ll be having a lot of backyard parties. Anniversaries, weekend get-togethers, or simply taking some time for you and your partner! As amazing as it is functional, this patio set and chairs will make your outdoor dining more relaxing. These furniture pieces also feature versatility and can also be used for extra seating or simply as a statement piece indoors. Both the picks are sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather. 



9. Luggage

Your honeymoon is all about ‘memory making and having fun’ and nothing says fun better than lightweight, easy-to-carry travel bags. To make your packing and traveling experience better, get this elegant matching set that’ll comfortably get you through all the future getaways with your partner. You can also complement it with the underseater or a duffle bag to keep all your stuff like books and headphones nearby. 




And finally, a wedding registry should include the gifts that you and your partner actually want. So if you also want cash, set up a Cash Fund with your wedding registry. It’s an easy (and convenient) way to ask your relatives and friends to support your honeymoon, save for down payment, or undertake the house project you’ve been dreaming about for so long.


Find Something You Like?

You can add any of these items to your Wedding Registry. Don’t have one yet? It’s easy! Create a Universal Wedding Registry today, then add wedding gifts from all your favorite stores.

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