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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
In 2020, our family lost our son, brother and husband, Dalles, to his silent battle with depression. None of us comprehended the gnawing stress he felt in his farming occupation and the silent anguish he shouldered over the trauma he witnessed in his first responder role as a volunteer firefighter. No one knew enough to add up the excess of everyday stress and turmoil to see the incremental mountain that was bearing down on Dalles' shoulders. After prayer and discussion, we have been working to create a charity to address the mental health struggles, emotional fatigue and trauma faced by farmers and first responders in our communities. Plans are in progress to sever land and construct a log cabin in the family woodlot as a place of respite for farmers and first responders.

Once constructed and furnished, Three Oaks Cabin will serve as a place of quiet respite for farmers and first responders who face emotional, compassionate and mental fatigue. It will provide guests with complimentary accommodation and resources for mental wellness to reorient and develop the necessary resilience to live well in their personal and professional lives.

Three Oaks has applied for charitable status which, if successful, will enable supporters to receive a charitable donation tax receipt for financial or in-kind donations. However, we would like donors to be aware that while we anticipate Three Oaks to be registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, until that time and until Three Oaks has taken ownership of the log cabin and the property, no charitable donation tax receipts can be issued for financial or in-kind contributions to the construction of the log cabin.

If you would like to know more or assist us with the project in any way, please contact us! The items listed in the registry will greatly help to furnish the cabin and provide our future guests with a welcoming, safe and relaxing retreat.
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