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New Village Infant Wishlist

New Village is a small, social justice school based in Western Massachusetts currently serving kids ages 2-5. Our revolutionary care and dedication to community support bring many more families a year to us than we can possibly serve, including many families with young infants who we previously had to turn away. As of Spring 2022, we officially started working on our brand-new infant program, offering classroom space for children under 15 months old.

Our non-profit organization struggles with the same dilemma most early childhood care providers face: how to offer affordable, high-quality childcare to all families while still making enough money to pay our incredible teachers and school staff a thriving wage. Because of our commitment to saying that both these things are possible, we need help! We are crowdfunding the start-up costs for the materials needed for our infant classroom- if you can, look through our gift list and help us make this dream a reality!

New Village's mission:
We grow community that centers the satisfaction and joy of all its members, human and more-than-human, with priority given to those who are historically, currently, and systemically marginalized and oppressed by the society in which we live. We teach love.
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