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Venice Theatre

Welcome to our Impact in Action 2023 Finalist Wishlist! We are proud to be among the finalists chosen in the Impact100srq 2023 grant review process. We welcome your participation in helping fulfill some of our organization’s needs.

Since 1950, Venice Theatre has realized its mission of making a dramatic impact on all stages of life. But exercising our purpose to nurture creative expression, to foster human communication and understanding, and to delight and challenge audiences through theatre and the performing arts of the highest quality was halted when Hurricane Ian destroyed the 432-seat Jervey Theatre in September, 2022. Survival and recovery have been intense in the months since that fateful day; but the rebuilding process is underway and we need your help to once again thrive.

Venice Theatre is a centerpiece of community, culture, education, and resilience for the City of Venice and South Sarasota County. The second largest community theatre in the United States, Venice Theatre is globally respected for providing exceptional theatrical experiences. Our history of success, growth and community engagement will continue to embolden future success.

For 73 years, Venice Theatre has provided a place for people to come together to create great theatre. Children participate in camps and classes where they gain communication and collaboration skills. Teens find a safe environment of self-expression where they can build confidence. Our vast population of retirees discover a place to connect to others and continue to contribute with a sense of belonging and pride. As the economic epicenter of downtown Venice, our community needs your support at every level of giving.

Please, join the greater community of Venice Theatre and come play your part!

Thank you!
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