A selection of healthy, organic, and culturally sensitive food items are available for currently enrolled students at UNO, UNMC, and CSM, Avenue Scholars students, and currently employed faculty and staff members at UNO. Requests for food packages can be submitted through an easy online form twice per week. Each package contains approximately two days worth of non-perishable items and personal hygiene products.

This wishlist was made to provide a way to donate items that the Maverick Food Pantry sees fit. Items to donate include our regular inventory of food and personal hygiene items as well as supplies needed to make meals like can openers, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, etc. We plan to start monthly giveaways with donated non-food items like pots and pans.

Our motto at the Maverick Food Pantry is: "When you need it, take it. When you have it, give it."

Have any further questions? Email us at unomavfoodpantry@unomaha.edu!