Turn JPMA’s Innovation Award Winners Into Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

Turn JPMA’s Innovation Award Winners Into Your Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

The transition into parenthood is a fun one, but also one that comes with a lot of research right from the start. Planning the nursery? Time to look into paint colors that promote sleep. Picking out baby names? We’re sure you already have the list of most unique options for 2023 printed out. 

But while there’s no time machine that will tell you whether your little one will have the coolest name in Pre-K (yet!), other things are easier to be sure about. Like knowing that whichever crib, or stroller, or car seat that you add to your registry is going to be not only the best, but the safest option. As a soon-to-be parent, we know that that’s where your priorities lie. Enter JPMA.

What Is JPMA And What Do They Do?

The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is an organization reassuring parents about the quality and safety of baby products. Being the voice of the industry, the association promotes the interests of manufacturers, children, and parents through several certification programs. All childcare products must meet minimum government requirements based on safety and use. JPMA makes sure that the baby products such as carriers, high chairs, and more meet the highest standards of quality, performance, functionality, and safety.

Why Is It Important For Pregnant Moms?

From the day of the positive pregnancy test to the little one’s arrival, one thing expectant moms never compromise on is the baby’s safety. Be it a newborn’s comfortable sleep or convenient traveling - She always takes safety as a matter of utmost importance!

Also when it comes to prepping a registry, several baby experts call portable cribs, convertible strollers, and car seats as the baby registry must-haves - And most moms agree to this for the reason they make their lives quite easier. But little do they know that these items also come with safety threats to the extent of severe head injuries and even deaths.

While infant safety is the top priority and no mommy wants to see their toddler injured by a faulty baby item or wish to restrain their healthy development - All that parents, children, and the entire industry need is a reliable source to get a comprehensive guide on ways to prevent such hazards from happening. Here’s where JPMA comes into play! The certification by the association tells mommies that the baby products pass every safety standard and make them feel confident in getting the right products for their baby.

Create Your Registry With Most Innovative Baby Products

JPMA has recently announced this year’s most innovative baby product awards – listing the baby registry must-haves for your baby registry. Here’s a list!


Breastfeeding is often a time taking and flexibility-restraining factor - especially when you’re a working mom! But why to worry when you can have a tech-advanced breast pump by Babyation equipped with a tracking system and easy cleaning feature? You can easily store the breast milk and feed your baby when you’re out or not around!  


Motherhood isn’t always about calling off your usual summertime swimming schedules and other fun activities! With a swim cami added to your registry, you can still hit the beach with a baby in tow like your pre-baby life! Featured with adjustable straps and pump liner, it makes pumping as well as breastfeeding much easier even when you’re out. 


Built with 11 modes – this handy, lightweight, and multifunctional high chair will evolve with your child’s growth from infancy to the tween stage (around 12 years). Use it for weaning, playtime, or a rocker to take a nap and meet all your child’s needs easily. 


This 3-in-1 rotating car seat makes it a whole lot easier, safer to put your baby in and get them out of the car (even when they fall asleep). It can be set to rear-facing (for newborns), forward-facing (for older ones), and highback booster – Thus, a good fit for all your baby’s growth phases.


Comfort and easy-to-dress are the key things mommies focus on while getting clothes for their kiddos. This sleek Tabeeze bodysuit is fastened at the shoulder, making changing the dress of the baby simple - Quick for the mom, and less irritable for the child. 


Sustainable, non-toxic(Bamboo made), durable, deep & divided plate (easy scooping and less messy dine-ins), flat-edged (fits perfectly in high chairs), simple to clean – What else do you need in a meal set for your kid? Pull out china dinnerware or plastic sets from your kitchen and add this now to give your child an eco-friendly dine-in experience!


Simple to pull & tuck straw and a cup requiring little care – This baby accessory’s name says it all! It has a one-way valve which means no leaks & spills while put in the bag and a perfect on-the-go baby straw cup.


Sore breasts and blocked ducts are a painful yet unavoidable part of the breastfeeding journey – especially during the first few weeks of the baby’s birth. But with this waterproof, heating-featured lactation massager, you can instantly unclog lumps, get comfort and increase the milk supply at the same time. Be it while traveling, handling household chores, or taking a shower – you can use this to feel relieved anytime, anywhere! 


Your postpartum body aches and fatigue calls for comfort and a few relaxing hours - Nothing can lend that better like this ergonomic massager having multiple reclining positions. This is ideal for working moms too as they can use it as a rocker, feel relaxed and get the baby to sleep while working. 

  1. ON THE GO

Baby stroller is a must-have registry item and adding this to yours will definitely do wonders! With a convertible function and reclining seat, you can make your kid experience the wagon ride too without spending for it separately. Features like compact size, canopy, lightweight, tons of storage space, and flat fold are a plus and make it the best fit for traveling. 


Newborns find it difficult to regulate body temperatures and this is why you should not miss out on adding this to your registry! This temperature-regulating blanket wicks away the moisture and keeps the body temperature moderate - assuring restful, comfortable sleep! 


You can’t stay with your kid all the time but digital baby accessories like this can always help you stay connected with your baby even when you’re at work or not around. Built with features like GPS tracking, and BlueTooth tetherin, you can feel assured of your baby’s location, activities, and mainly their safety. 


Safety is what matters most when it comes to your kids! So before getting any products or putting them to use, it’s important to really understand what your options are, and this list by JPMA is your number 1 resource. You know that when you add these products to your baby registry, you (and your little one) are in safe hands.


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