5 Products for Your Wedding Registry To Spice Up Your Kitchen Date Nights

5 Products for Your Wedding Registry To Spice Up Your Kitchen Date NightsSource: Caraway

Lately it feels like everyone is trying something new in the kitchen - from sourdough starters to whipping up new cocktails - and what better way to get in some quality time with your spouse-to-be than trying something new, together? Whether you’re naturals in the kitchen, or you’re more likely to go the takeout route – it’s always important for your kitchen to be stocked with a mix of essentials, as well as a few fun treats to keep things fresh.

Your wedding registry is the perfect way to not only stock up on the kitchen wares that will make your everyday routine a breeze but to treat yourself to a few of those special items you’ve been wanting to try!

Here are our top wedding registry picks for ways to spice up your kitchen date nights!

A Pan For Every Occasion

If you’ve been looking for kitchen staples, look no further. The Caraway Complete Bakeware Set is an 11 piece set that will never leave you wanting. From baking, to roasting, to cooling, this non-toxic, ceramic coated set comes with everything you need (really everything, even a storage rack) for your go-tos and kitchen experiments!

Spice Up Your Life

While adding food products to your wedding registry maybe isn’t the most traditional way to go, if you and your partner like to test things out in the kitchen, you’re going to want to look at Arome. From unique seasonings and rubs for all you grillers, to amazing infused olive oils (black truffle, basil, even blood orange!) there’s going to be something for everyone here.

Wake Up Call

If there’s one kitchen trend that’s been picking up steam, it’s optimizing your coffee setup. This gooseneck kettle from Everything Kitchens is going to be a coffee lover’s dream. The base lets you pick exactly which temperature you want your water to reach and then will hold that temperature there for up to an hour, so even if your partner isn’t a morning person, they don’t have to worry about letting the hot water cool.

For The Grill Masters

If you’re just getting into grilling, this is really the perfect set. With everything you need from a pizza stone to a chicken throne (and yes, that is actually what it’s called, who knew) – whoever gifts you this off your wedding registry will be just as happy as you are with all the yummy dinners you’ll be able to whip up with this set!

Raising The Bar

This wedding registry pick is for the couple that knows what they want. If there’s one or two cocktails that you and your partner have been meaning to try (or if you want to be able to easily recreate your wedding cocktail even after the big day!), these Williams Sonoma Cocktail Gift Crates are such a great way to get all the essentials you need. And if you’re not a martini fan, don’t worry, you can choose from martinis, old fashioneds, bloody mary’s and more!

The best thing about a wedding registry is that you really get to make it whatever you and your partner want it to be. From kitchen essentials to some fun new additions to your cabinets, just make sure that whatever you add to your wedding registry is going to be something that will keep making you as happy as you are on your wedding day!


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