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Staci Johnson Graham Cale

miércoles, mayo 03, 2023
41 Días hasta que nuestra llegue mi bebé
We are SO excited to spend some quality time with you all at our baby shower - it's been a pretty crazy year and we're eager to soak up these last days as a twosome before we officially become a crew of three!

We have chosen these items ourselves; with some space limitations as condo-dwellers please know that a cash gift towards our stroller fund or gift cards for diapers and other necessities (e.g. Superstore, Walmart, Babies R Us, etc.) are equally fantastic - and we'll think of you dearly when we go out to buy more :) We've also been gifted a great deal of baby clothes between 0-6 months so we do not expect a great need for more in these early months!

In lieu of cards - consider bringing a book that was special to you/your child(ren) growing up! We’d love to create lots of variety in the kiddo’s library.

More than anything, we appreciate your support, your time, and your friendship as we prepare for the arrival of Baby Cale.

No matter what you give, it will be the perfect gift! Thank you so much for thinking of us on this special day.

This baby is lucky to be so loved already. We can’t wait for you to meet the little one.

Much love,
Staci & Graham
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