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Tara Martin Zach Whittington

sábado, febrero 11, 2023
15 Días hasta nuestra boda
Hey All!

The big ceremony will be later on, to celebrate with friends and family, but thank you for considering a gift. The date is NOT set in stone. I had to pick a day to get this registry started. The ceremony will be around ... May or the beginning of September, possibly (in a year or two). It will wait until Covid-19/etc. has calmed down and people feel safe to travel (because my Maid of Honour lives in Canada and it will not happen until she is okay with travelling with her family).

It is appreciated more than you will ever know. We thank you for considering a gift. However, if you can't find something that you would like to give, the small priced gifts run out, you want to send cash, or you would like to send something else; then you are more than welcome to just send it through the mail (5966 Highway 35 S, Forest, Ms, 39074), through gift cards, or the fund set up on this website. We welcome money to help save up for other big things.

I also may have added two of some items, just wanted to give you the option of which website to choose from and some I left a note of where it is cheaper. So, look out for those.

I did add some things for fun (we are a gamer couple, what do you expect? Lol!) and I do hope that some will consider those, but I tried to favourite things that we want/need most. I'm sure you can tell the wants and needs apart. :)

Thank you for considering a gift and taking the time out of your day for us both.

Much love,
Tara & Zach Whittington
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