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Welcome to the Alaska Mission Registry!
Naknek, AK is approximately 300 miles from any major retailers! They do have a small grocery store & hardware store in Naknek; but groceries and such are very expensive.
This registry will help us bless them by identifying their occasional needs for their personal lives, the church and ministry outreaches (especially the NET and summer teams).
There are 2 ways to purchase a gift:
1 ) If you decide to purchase the gift directly from the online store link on the registry and have it shipped automatically to Naknek, proceed with an online purchase as normal. Use either P.O. Box 214 Naknek, AK 99633 or 1976 Alaska Pen Hwy Naknek, AK 99633 (At times you will need to use the "non-P.O. box address" if it says it can not ship to a PO box)
2 ) If you prefer to shop at a local store, that works too. You will still need to view the gift item on the linked store website. When you click to close the store page, a screen will pop up on the myregistry.com site asking you if you have purchased the item. If you plan to purchase it locally, click 'Yes', and the system will update the registry to show the item has been purchased.
Use the USPS when shipping; If not sending directly from a website. Priority mail works the best. UPS shipping/ Fed Ex is available in Naknek, but changes to USPS in Anchorage and may get stuck there for a few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to check this out and we thank you in advance for any items you purchase for them. God's blessings to you!
You’ll notice that AFLC Home Missions - Alaska has added items from Amazon, but our members can add items from literally any store! That’s the beauty of having a universal wish list at MyRegistry.com.
To make a contribution, click VIEW OR BUY beneath any item, and don't worry if you're redirected to another site. Just put the item in your cart and check out!
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