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The Benefits of a Crate and Kids Baby Registry

Crate and Kids has everything a modern parent needs! Build your Baby Registry from their vast selection of uniqueand high-quality nursery decor, including cribs, bedding, and storage solutions. You’ll find all the essentials you needto design a beautiful baby’s room. Create a Crate and Kids Baby Registry and sync it to your MyRegistry.com account to takeadvantage of all of the great benefits Crate and Kids has to offer expecting parents. Look belowto see all their great registry benefits.
  • 10% Off for 6 Months

    Their 10% completion discount isn't just for registry items. It'll save you 10% throughout theirstores and site for six months after your event. (limits described on site)
  • Free Shipping on All Registry Gifts

    Loved ones love it. Registry purchases of $99+ ship free. (limits described on site)
  • Their Easy App for iPhone

    Add registry items on the go, scan barcodes in their stores, checkthe real-time status of registry purchases, browse lists of registrant faves, and so much more.
  • Thank Your Guests

    Their Thank You Manager keeps track of who gave you what, saving you precious time.
  • They Design It. You Love It.

    Designing a nursery shouldn't keep you up at night (that's what babies are for). Their experts can help you decorate like a pro.