42 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $25

baby shower gifts

Whether you’re invited to a baby shower or looking forward to your own, we have useful, practical, and adorable baby shower gift ideas for expectant parents.

Are you filling out your baby registry and realizing a lot of what you love is a little pricey? Your baby shower is a perfect time to stock up on smaller baby necessities—and offer your loved ones gift options at friendlier price points too. Bonus: You don’t need to sacrifice cuteness to do it! Read on for our best baby shower gift ideas under $25…

What Makes a Good Baby Shower Gift?

As an expecting parent, you won’t know for sure which baby items will get the most use, so having a variety of options on your registry lets you cover your bases. A good guideline is to give your shower guests plenty of choices too. Pick gifts that are practical and in keeping with your taste and lifestyle, of course. In addition, shower gifts are often smaller in both size and price than some other items on a registry.

How Much Should Baby Shower Gifts Cost?

Good baby shower gifts don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, plenty of the best options are under $25, perfect for baby shower attendees with a more modest budget. There will always be a wider circle of people who want to celebrate your new baby as well, and the more registry items you hand-pick across a range of prices, the better for you and them.

What Do New Parents Really Want?

Although there are a few key registry items that cost more, like a crib or car seat, new parents also need the basics. Those basics may not be as exciting as a stroller with all the latest features, but they are the ones you’ll reach for again and again. And when it comes to things like bibs and burp cloths, don’t hesitate to register for multiples—you’ll cut down on washing, and you can keep them handy in every room.

Baby Swaddles

Swaddling blankets are key to helping baby relax and get much-needed rest. You’ll definitely want more than one, as they end up being handy for burping and drooling too. Just remember, natural fabrics are less likely to irritate a newborn’s sensitive skin.



Young infants are all about cuddling, but big blankets can be risky. Little lovies provide that sensory experience without taking over, and they’re easy to switch from home to car, so perfect for being out and about.

Baby Teethers

Teething is misery for many babies, so you’ll want to be ready with a few tools to help relieve it. These teethers have enough variety that you’ll find one your baby loves.

Baby Nursery

No one says baby nursery decor needs to be expensive to look great, and personalized touches let you make your nursery perfect for you and your baby.


When you become a parent, your diapering game has to keep leveling up. Don’t worry—you’ll get plenty of practice! And a few simple products will also help.


Like diapering, mealtimes tend to take over your day as a new parent. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, there are products to simplify the process and help make mealtime easier—and even more fun.

Burp Cloths

Getting excess bubbles out is the best way to promote better sleep and comfort for your baby while laying down. To protect clothing and furniture, you’ll want burp cloths. Since you may go through several a day, having a ready stash can save on time spent doing laundry.


Baby Feeding Bibs

Like burp cloths, you’ll go through at least a couple bibs every day. Soft materials make it easy to wipe baby’s face, then toss the bib in the laundry. These bibs are safe for babies to wear during mealtime and a snap to take on and off.


Getting babies to wear a hat is easiest if you start when they’re newborn. These options make wearing one both fun and functional, and the soft, breathable fabrics will let baby get used to wearing a hat without overheating.


Bathtime can be a delightful part of parenting, especially if you have all the right gear for a good wash. Fun, safe products make bathtime a great opportunity for bonding too. The duckie combo below is less than $25 for all three.


At night, you’d love everyone to get some good rest. These products can dramatically increase your odds of a longer stretch.

Tiny Baby Toys

Once babies get old enough for toys, they tend to lose interest in each one quickly. Parents need a good selection to switch out, which makes affordable options key. Small toys make good shower gift add-ons too, and since they don’t take up much space, they’re easy to toss in a bag.

Graphic Tees for Babies

Babies have big opinions, but they don’t have the words for them yet. That’s where graphic tees come in, by adding personality to super-soft cotton clothing that’s ideal for sensitive skin.


Having a Baby?

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Looking for More Baby Registry Ideas?

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