What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?, a little girl lying on the bed next to a newborn baby.

Is it okay to have a shower for your second baby? It absolutely is! Set your worries aside and read on for the proper-etiquette way to “sprinkle” each new baby with love—and a few baby gifts too.

You’re expecting your second baby, and friends are asking if you want a shower. You’re overjoyed to be expanding your family, but when it comes to a second baby shower, what’s considered appropriate?

Our advice? Just say yes to the shower! This may not be your first pregnancy, but that doesn’t make it any less special. So let your friends and family shower you with love and attention.

What is a baby sprinkle?

A “sprinkle” is the cute term that’s been adopted for a second baby shower. As in, not a full-on rain, more of a light sprinkle.

Maybe your first baby shower was a fancy, all-afternoon affair, attended by extended family, friends, and co-workers, with lots of food, lots of games, and a big pile of gifts. And for your first baby, you needed everything, so you registered for it. With a sprinkle baby shower, the guest list may be smaller, the party itself more low-key, and the gift list more moderate.

Second baby registry etiquette

So is it okay to set up a gift registry for your second baby? Definitely! While you won’t need as many things, you will still need some. Plus, all the loved ones in your life will want to celebrate your new baby’s arrival, and just like the first time around, directing them to your sprinkle registry will actually be easier for everyone.

Sprinkle registry insider tips

  • If you already have a baby registry on MyRegistry.com and it’s been sitting quietly since your firstborn, you can repurpose it now. Just take out anything you already have or no longer want, then replenish as you wish. (Don’t have a baby registry? It’s super easy to create one.)
  • Setting up a registry at Amazon, Target, buybuyBABY, or Bed Bath & Beyond is also smart. You can easily sync the store registry to your MyRegistry account, and if your sprinkle guest list is smaller than for your first shower, you’ll be able to make the most of those store completion discounts. (And yup: Your MyRegistry list will re-sync automatically whenever you update your store list.)
  • And don’t delete that account after your sprinkle! You can add Wish Lists for the first birthday, the holidays, and any other occasion when family and friends might ask you what to gift your little one.

What to put on a second baby registry

What are must-haves for a second baby? You already have the baby gear and nursery items at home. Now it’s about refreshing certain things and adding others that make sense for this next stage of your family.

Some baby clothes are destined to be much-loved hand-me-downs, all the easier if the second baby is the same gender as the first. But there will be things that just weren’t meant to last through more than one babyhood, like bottles, bibs, burp cloths, and crib sheets.

Then there are items that will make parent life easier with more than one little one in the family. Those make good sprinkle shower registry items too.

Below, find our suggestions for great gifts to add to your sprinkle registry. We’ve included a few newborn basics, a few items to help you transition from one baby to two, and a few gifts to make your bigger little one feel special.

Baby items you’ll want to refresh


This 11-piece set includes two 4-ounce bottles with slow-flow nipples, three 8-ounce bottles with medium-flow nipples, three fast-flow nipples, a newborn pacifier, an orthodontic pacifier, and a bottle brush.

Bibs and burp cloths

Bibs and burp cloths are at the top of the list of things that won’t make it from baby number one to baby number two. And they’re the perfect items for a sprinkle shower—small and cute.

You can’t have too many pacifiers, and these from NUK are heart-shaped to fit under baby’s nose, with large openings for max airflow.

Crib sheets

A new baby deserves new bedding. And maybe you’re ready to change up the nursery look just a little too?

A lovey

As something that will spend a lot of time in baby’s hands and mouth, a brand-new lovey blanket is a perfect second registry item.

Car Seat Cover
Key to keeping baby warm during car rides is a car seat cover. Why not make it a fun one? These plush, blanket-style car seat covers will keep baby feeling cozy – and looking adorable.


It doesn’t get more practical than registering for diapers, especially if you have more than one child wearing them. So go ahead and add them to your gift list in the form of actual diapers, gift cards, or a Diaper Fund.

Items to go from one baby to two

Newborn baby carrier

There will be days you need to get everything else done without putting your newborn down. Finding the right newborn carrier is key, and the Moby Wrap adjusts as baby grows, from newborn to toddler.

Backpack-style diaper bag

If you thought you needed extra hands with one toddler, just wait. This UPPAbaby Changing Backpack will give you all the function of a diaper bag—including a changing pad and insulated bottle holder—while keeping your hands free and still looking cool and gender neutral.

White-noise machine

Maybe you’ll have two kids sharing the same room, maybe not. Either way, there will be times you’d very much like one to stay asleep while the other is awake. Increase your odds with a white-noise machine.

Multi-camera baby monitor

If your kids will be sleeping in separate rooms, even part of the time, you’ll want a baby monitor that’s compatible with more than one camera. This one accommodates up to four cameras (just note that the add-ons are sold separately from the main package).

Baby “dock”

You’ll need a safe spot to set down your newborn while you’re tending to your toddler. Just note that the Snuggle Me Organic is only for supervised naps and lounging, and only when a caretaker is in the room.

You might think you won’t need a double stroller—and then you’ll end up buying one yourself! Do yourself a favor now and add it to your sprinkle registry.

Baby memory book

You know how people say the first baby gets all the photos? Set yourself up for success with baby number two with a dedicated baby memory book.

You also might want to include a few things on your sprinkle registry to acknowledge the big change in your first baby’s life and make him or her feel special at the shower.

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