12 Tips for Organizing a Virtual Baby Shower

12 Tips for Organizing a Virtual Baby Shower, a cake decorated with black icing that reads oh baby.

If your due date is soon but a baby shower isn’t possible, don’t worry. You can socially distance your way to celebrating your new arrival with a virtual baby shower.

A baby shower is where family and friends come together to celebrate the mom-to-be. But right now is a time of social distancing, not social gathering. Not to worry! A virtual baby shower is today’s way to shower a new mom with love and support.

Coping with restrictions on travel and visiting family and friends can be especially stressful on pregnant moms, especially if they’re balancing work, caring for other kids, and giving the new baby the best possible start. We have virtual baby shower ideas and tips to help celebrate new moms (and dads) at a distance.

1. Designate a Host

Usually, baby showers have a host that’s a close friend or relative. Since logistics are more challenging when planning a virtual shower, it’s important that the shower’s designated host be someone who communicates well.

Note to the new mom: As your special day is being planned, don’t forget to get your host a thank you gift. This Charcuterie Platter is made of bamboo and includes everything needed for a future in-person party. For a combination gift, try these Wine Freeze Cooling Cups and A Toast for the Host wine bags. Add a couple bottles from your favorite winery to complete the package.

2. Ask a Few Attendees to Help

Although it seems like a virtual baby shower ought to be easy, it’s a lot of work, and your host may need some help. Family and friends will be ready and willing to step in, so don’t feel bad about giving them a job. Designate a Zoom meeting master or expert at Google Meets to help everyone get in and settled.

Assign someone to track the gifts and gift givers, so filling out thank you cards afterward will be a breeze. And though the mail may be running more slowly, everyone still appreciates a handwritten note of thanks. These Baby Feet Border thank you cards feature a classic design, or choose one that goes with your shower or nursery theme, like these Baby Animals thank you’s. For a larger party, these Teddy Bear thank you cards come in a pack of 50.

3. Choose a Theme

Most baby showers have a theme, and it can be as creative as you like. Although your attendees have probably gotten used to joining online meetings in their pajamas, you can give them a reason to dress up. Pick something that everyone is likely to have at home, like garden party attire, then give them the freedom to go wild. Maybe ask guests to dress as their favorite fairy-tale character, or choose a decade theme. Browse filters available for the video platform you’re using and encourage everyone to make their outfits unique. These touches will make the recording more fun to watch back, too.

4. Give Party Favors

Plan ahead and send party favors out to guests in time for the shower. This way, they’ll know you thought of them and they’ll have a reminder of the day. This set of Baby Owl “Whooo’s the Cutest” Assorted Candles is perfect for a woodland-themed party. If you’re thinking of something more practical, the Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper or Ceramic Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers are sure to please.

5. Include the Whole Family

If you’ve been having virtual meetups with friends or meetings for work, you know that interruptions are the norm. The best way to avoid this, and to get everyone having a good time, is to include whole families from the start, from dads to kids. This way, all the moms in attendance won’t feel pressured to hit mute or duck out every time they have to tend to a toddler.

Make sure everyone feels welcome by sending a personal invite. These Up, Up & Away Invitations have a crafty style that’s perfect for a shower. Looking for something customizable? These “Oh Baby” Print-On Invitations allow you to fill out all the details.

6. Set the Stage

If you’re the new mom, before you go live on the big day, take some time to set the stage. Find the right spot for your camera or device, so you know what the video will show. This will help you figure out where to sit and the best way to decorate around you.

Since you may not have someone on-hand to help you get everything you need, consider ordering something in advance to organize supplies and stuff for virtual baby shower games. This Olive Owl Leaf Storage Caddy has plenty of room for cards, pens, small baby items, even a collapsible tripod — and after the party it will be useful in the nursery. This Light-Up Diaper Caddy, with larger pockets and a light to help you find what you need, also provides flexibility for later.

7. Dress It Up

Virtual baby showers need decorations that pop on the screen. If you want the party to show off the new little one, try customizable items like the Baby Zoo Animals Personalized Paper Banner. Shopping for decorations on a budget? Little Peanut Girl Elephant Party Supplies are arranged to purchase à la carte.

If you’re a bit sad about missing out on that luscious baby shower cake, feel free to order a smaller one that you can use as decoration and enjoy later. Or, order one of The Honest Company’s lovely Diaper Cakes. These designs look almost good enough to eat, and you can use the diapers when the baby comes.

8. Test Your Video Platform

The very last thing you want as the party starts is a technology snafu, so be sure to test everything out a day or two in advance. Everyone has been a victim of the shaky recording, so if you’re planning to use your smartphone, it may be time to get a tripod. The Joby Griptight One GorillaPod Stand is small but flexible enough to attach to almost any surface. For a production worthy of a professional YouTuber, the Shoulderpod Professional Video Grip and Tripod Mount makes it easy to add all the extra features you need.

9. Encourage Everyone to Interact

If it’s a smaller baby shower, it might be pretty easy for everyone to chat during the video, but for larger groups, you’ll need to keep guests involved so they don’t get restless. Planning in advance is never a bad idea. Have the host ask each virtual guest to prepare a piece of advice for the new parents and share it with the group. The communal experience will make everyone feel included, and guests who don’t already know each other can get acquainted.

10. Play Online-Friendly Games

Many baby shower games use supplies that everyone might not have, but you can still have a great time. Create a Google Form with trivia questions about the new mom, nursery rhymes, or the most popular songs about babies. Read the responses anonymously and see if everyone can guess who said what. Play “What’s on the Tray?” with this Deluxe Baby Nursery Kit. Place everything on a serving tray, then move it away from the screen while everyone guesses what was included, or what you took away. The best part is that afterward mom gets to keep the tools for baby.

11. Open Gifts Online

Everyone enjoys watching a new mom go gaga over baby gifts. Since guests can’t be there in person, encourage them to ship the gifts a week or two in advance so they’ll arrive in time to be opened during the party.

12. Record the Shower to Send to Everyone

One of the best things about a virtual baby shower is that you can make everyone feel included, even if they’re not able to attend. Most online meetup services have a feature that lets you record your meeting and send it out electronically. All you need is an email address.

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