Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for New Moms

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for New Moms, holiday family photoshoot

Choose Christmas gifts for new moms that are popular, personal, practical—and most important, put her first. Because the best gifts for new moms aren’t just for baby!

 MyRegistry contributing writer Savannah Walsh is a mom of five (and counting!) and the voice behind That Caffeinated Mom, where she talks pregnancy, birth, and everyday mom life in her own relatable and candid storytelling style. Here, she shares Christmas gift ideas for new moms that they’ll love—and actually use!

Being pregnant or a new mom around the holidays can feel… awkward. Motherhood is slowly consuming your life, whether you’ve recently had your baby or you’re still anticipating the arrival. And that's not necessarily a bad thing! But it’s still an adjustment.

It can be easy to feel like you're losing yourself one day, one bottle, one diaper at a time, maybe before the baby is even physically in your arms. And the holidays can complicate that even more. 

What to Give a New Mom for Christmas?

If you’re buying a gift for a pregnant or new mom, do you get her something for the baby? Something just for her? Or maybe something pregnancy related… but then she won't use it for very long. 

Okay, I know she needs X for the baby, so I’ll just get her that. But will that make her feel like I only care about the baby?? It’s a fine line. And believe me, it can feel just as confusing for the expectant/new mom. 

During my first pregnancy, someone gave me a parenting book. And, I mean, it wasn’t wrong. It was actually a really helpful book. But was it what I wanted as a gift? I’m pretty sure I cried (hello, hormones). The year before I’d gotten a sweater I’d been eyeing—now I was getting parenting books. Think Phoebe with the leather pants, guys… It can get ugly.  

Should You Ask a Mom-to-Be What She Wants for the Holidays?

I’ve been pregnant during five holiday seasons and/or had a new baby during four, and my best advice when it comes to gifts for new mothers is this: Ask her! Ask if she’d like something pregnancy related, or something not. Ask if she’d like a gift for the baby, or something just for her. Every mom will be different.

However! Asking isn’t always an option, so here’s my personal list of holiday gift recommendations for expectant or new moms, including gifts for first-time moms. And mamas, if you’re reading this, consider adding these to your own holiday wish list. Believe me, you won’t regret it! You can also create Christmas wish lists for your baby and bigger kids to make shopping a lot more convenient for everyone in your family.

(If you’re expecting, you can add any item, from any store—for baby and you—to a baby registry right here on MyRegistry.)

Robe, Slippers, and Lounge Set

These are new-mom gifts you can use no matter what part of expectant/new-mom life you’re in. A good robe is a joy for someone who’s pregnant, in labor, immediately postpartum, or in the new-mom stage. And it’s something most people love but might not buy for themselves. Same with a good pair of slippers!

Lounge sets are also great. Most are relaxed fit, so they can be worn both pregnant and postpartum, but I live in them post-pregnancy. They’re still technically “clothes,” something you change into in the morning, so you feel like you got dressed while still feeling optimum comfort. 


Beauty and Comfort Items

When you’re super pregnant or freshly postpartum, it can be challenging to feel like yourself. Doing at-home “spa” things helps me feel like I’m taking care of myself, and bonus: You’ll never be too pregnant or too postpartum to use these gifts.


Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag is so much more than a diaper bag these days—it’s an addition to your closet. I feel like a nice diaper bag plays within the rules of giving something useful for a new mom while not suggesting that's now all she is. Fawn Design is my go-to—and confession: I have more than one! 

Find Something You Like?

You can add any of these items to your baby registry or holiday wish list. Don’t have one yet? It’s easy! Create a Universal Baby Registry today, then add baby gifts from all your favorite stores.

Looking for More Baby Registry Ideas?

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