10 Pampering Gifts for New Moms

10 Pampering Gifts for New Moms, woman sitting in a chair, enjoying a cup of coffee.

Babies have a way of making everything about themselves. It’s okay to carve out a little time for you.

Having kids is immensely rewarding, but it’s also one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Being the center of the universe for one small baby is a big job. When she rewards you with a first smile or laugh, you’ll know why you signed up for this lifetime position — but you’ll still want some time for yourself.

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Feel Good About Self-Pampering

It might seem like stepping away, even for a moment, will take needed attention away from your baby, but actually the opposite is true.

Benefits to you:

  • You’ll feel healthier.
  • You’ll build a reserve of energy, even when you’re lacking sleep.
  • You’ll have something to look forward to when the days seem endless.

Benefits to baby:

  • Engaging time with friends and relatives.
  • Opportunities to explore her environment at her own pace.
  • Practice seeing herself as independent, especially important as babies get a little older.

Let Others Help You

New moms sometimes feel compelled to be super independent, even when things aren’t going well. You should be able to handle this, right? But keep in mind that family and friends want to help. You might just need to tell them how. And if you’re used to relying on sleep to refresh, you’ll need to find alternatives.

The Best Pampering Gifts for a New Mom

Bed and Bath

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

If a bath seemed like a luxury before, you’ll enjoy it now more than ever, following months of tepid baths to keep the temperature safe for baby while pregnant and weeks of waiting for stitches to heal. This bathtub caddy has space for everything you need: a book or magazine, lotions and potions, and the optional glass of wine. You may never want to leave the tub!

Bonus: The adjustable design extends to fit bathtubs up to 43 inches.

Weighted Blanket

Newborns love to be wrapped in the arms of a parent while they sleep. Likewise, experts are learning that adults sleep better when they can replicate this environment through a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets feature built-in weights to provide pressure therapy, known to help relieve stress, anxiety, and conditions like restless leg syndrome.

Bonus: This blanket has seven layers to cuddle around your shape and offer ideal temperature control while you rest.

Sleep Mask Eye Pillow

Even if you weren’t a regular napper before kids, you might be now. Everyone tells you to “sleep when baby sleeps,” but that’s not so easy to do in the middle of the day when the sun is shining. You’ll need a good eye mask, and this one uses the science of pressure to create the perfect environment to relieve anxiety and relax you. (You’ll also sleep better just knowing your baby is sleeping safely.)

Bonus: The fit is adjustable.

Stress Relief

 Amazing Herbals

Childbirth is hard on both baby and mama. Your skin might be sore for weeks after delivery, and a little extra protection goes a long way. This pampering pack offers a balance of natural products designed to help mom and baby, including an all-purpose salve, body butter, lip balm, and herbal tea.

Bonus: The tea comes with a stainless steel tea ball for easy steeping.

Essential Oils

If you’re not yet on the essential oil bandwagon yourself, you’ve probably heard friends talk about how essential oils boost their mood without a lot of expense or effort. Even if you just use oils to mask the scent of a diaper blowout, you instantly have a fresher home. This diffuser features a cool-mist humidifier — just add a few drops of your favorite scent.

Bonus: Four timer settings and an automatic shut-off function make it easy for you and baby to drift off to sleep.

Yeti Tumbler

With a new baby in your arms, one of the first things you find out as a mom is that eating and drinking just changed dramatically. You’ve got to hydrate (especially when nursing), and this portable stainless-steel tumbler will make it easy to keep water at hand.

Bonus: The double-wall insulation means no condensation on your hands or the side table, and the magnet lid technology ensures that your beverage ends up in you, not on your baby’s head.

Wearable Pampering

 Everyday Leggings

Stretchy leggings are practically a uniform for postpartum moms. In the first few weeks, you may lose a ton of water weight. And even if you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, things may not fit the same. If you’re looking at a stack of maternity and regular old pants that no longer fit, these leggings are a good bridge.

Bonus: The ultra-high waist offers extra protection when nursing and also takes pressure off your waist, which can be a big relief if you just had a C-section.

Warming Slippers

If you weren’t already awake when your baby started crying at 3 a.m., the first touch of a bare foot on an icy floor will do it. These slippers are fully microwavable, which means you can pop them in, put them on, and your toes will stay toasty while you walk baby back to sleep.

Bonus: The lavender inside releases a scent that relaxes both you and baby for a longer rest on the next stretch.

De-Stress Your Nest

Housecleaning Services

Keeping a house clean with little kids is like nailing Jello to a tree. And until you go from one kid to two, you have no idea how much more laundry there will be. A cleaning service will help you stay on top of the basics, like taking out the trash and scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom.

Bonus: You’ll appreciate the result so much, you might actually feel like making dinner that night.

Choose-Your-Own Pampering

Gift Cards for Mom

Sometimes, you don’t know what you need until you need it. That’s what gift cards are for. Whether you want a luxurious postpartum massage or you just want someone to deliver pizza, gift cards give you flexibility.

Bonus: You won’t need to exchange a gift that’s the wrong size or color.

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