5 Must-Have Baby Products for Minimalist Parents

5 Must-Have Baby Products for Minimalist Parents

To think that I have embraced a more minimalist lifestyle is honestly comical to some degree. I was raised so incredibly far from minimalist it is wild, and I mean wild. Remember Monicas’s secret closet? Okay, that was pretty much my childhood. That closet. A jammed packed life filled with so many things. And I don’t at all mean this in a bad or negative way! My mom is just someone who holds serious sentimental value in items, in things and really wanted to hold onto those things. Whether that be a picture I drew when I was 3 (that was of a dog but looked like a giant circle) or a stuffed animal that I once hugged, my mom kept it all. 

So that’s exactly how I was! I followed in her footsteps and was a major collector of things. I really didn’t notice how much I held onto things until the things started to really cause problems for me. 

We have soon to be 6 kids and we live in a fairly small space considering the amount of people we have living in it. And all soon to be 8 of us, have things…and a lot of things.
I started finding the clutter in our house extremely overwhelming and hectic. It was stressing me out so I started looking at ways to change up our home and our lifestyle. 

When I first started reading about living a more minimalist life I truthfully laughed and scrolled on past. I was the farthest thing from minimalist and wanted to have things! Because isn't that being a minimalist? When I heard the word minimalist I was thinking of an open room with only a couch and a tv, no personal items, nothing on walls, and absolutely nothing extra. But as I continued to fall short in my searching for a magical solution to the overwhelming mountain of clutter in my house, I felt desperate enough to at least look into this cold and sad more minimal lifestyle and when I did I was shocked at my findings. 

*shocker* my perception of a more minimal lifestyle was nothing even close to what it really is. And the idea started really appealing to me. In essence it was having what you really need, want and use, without all of the extra filler stuff. You could still be a more minimal person and keep things with true sentimental value, it was all about figuring out what really had sentimental value and really valuing those things as opposed to making everything have sentimental value. It was about choosing more multipurpose items as opposed to having 17 different items for everything under the sun. Being intentional about your belongings with the less is more concept. 

I started making small changes through our home being more intentional, consuming less, and overall more minimal in our belongings, and over time…I was hooked on the life. Now am I fully minimalist? Absolutely not! And that is the beauty of it for me, you can be super minimal in certain aspects of life and not in others and that is okay. You can make your own rules to suit your needs. But just by applying the minimalist questions to items before I buy them or keep them has been so helpful;
“Do I need this?”
“How long will I use this?”
“Does this only have one purpose?”
“Do I already have something similar?”

Now, as we have discussed in many blog posts now…the baby world overall is far from minimal! So how can you incorporate a more minimalist lifestyle into your parenting and baby gear options? Actually a lot easier than you think!

We prioritize baby items that work for multiple stages as opposed to just a short time frame. Items that grow with your baby and are multi-purpose. 

Let me show you my top 5 baby items to add to your registry that will fit into the minimalist parent lifestyle! 

Convertible car seat

Straight out of the gates a convertible car seat is a great starting point for a minimalist parent. Most kids go through 3-4 car seats in their life; bucket seat, 5 point harness seat, high back booster, and finally a low back booster seat. You can eliminate a lot of these by getting a convertible car seat that grows with your child through the different stages of babyhood and childhood.

Nuna leaf grow baby seat

Okay I admit, baby seats and swings are not one of my more minimal choices. Over the years we have grown a collection of 4 baby seats (and yes they all serve their purpose!). But there are now fabulous options on the market like the Nuna Leaf Grow baby seat which serves as pretty much all of the baby seats in one and bonus…it works for big kids too! I really wish I had found this with my first few kids as opposed to collecting numerous seats all with a single purpose. Check out all of the amazing features it has and see how many different seats you can have in one in the Nuna Leaf.

Tripp Trap high chair

If you frequently read my blogs you will already know that I am a huge fan of the Stokke Tripp Trap and list it frequently as a must have baby item. Mainly because of the variability of the chair! The high chair has attachments that start right from the newborn days and the chair can be transitioned all the way into adulthood!

Skip Hop Activity Center

All second plus time moms will know that once your baby becomes mobile you need somewhere safe and entertaining to be able to put them. An exersaucer is an amazing choice and really popular! But the time of the exersaucer doesn't last all that long! I used to feel like I would drag it out, set it up and then have to take it down immediately (okay maybe not immediately it was a few months but you get my point). The Skip Hop Activity center is a great solution as it converts into a kids table when you are done with the exersaucer portion of it. You can have it set up with the toys still attached to it so your baby can stand and play with the toys, or you can have it as a plain table for them to craft or sit at. 

Stokke Mini Crib

Probably my favorite item on the list! The Stokke Mini crib is not only the absolute cutest, most aesthetically pleasing crib you will ever see, but it transitions with your child all the way into a full sized bed for children up to 10. You can get a bassinet style bed, crib, toddler bed, and full sized bed all in one with the Stokke mini crib! 

Now what about toys? There can’t possibly be a way to be more minimal when it comes to children's toys right? Actually there is! Check out this past blog post that talks more in depth about open ended play and toys that can help you be more minimal with the toys in your home!

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