5 Ways to Help Keep Baby Safe While Sleeping

5 Ways to Help Keep Baby Safe While Sleeping, image of baby girl sleeping on soft pink sheets

You can either stand guard 24/7, or let these smart products do it for you.

It’s the stuff of nightmares and an all-too-real occurrence – your baby can get hurt, or worse, while sleeping. Sure, sentry duty is part of parenthood, but even so, you’ve got to get some shut-eye, too (or at least resume that Netflix binge you’ve been craving all day). Luckily, there are intelligently designed safety items that help you take care of baby, even when you’re in another room. Here’s how to ensure that everyone gets sweet dreams.

Stimulation and safety in one cool blanket

Swaddling is a centuries-old, tried and true technique for keeping babies comfy and calm. Modern Burlap has created a contemporary, state-of-the-art swaddling blanket that keeps baby snugly safe, while stimulating brain development. The softer-than-soft, Organic Swaddle – Hearts blanket is crafted from 100 percent certified organic cotton muslin, a cool-to-the-skin fabric that keeps baby from overheating. That helps reduce the risk of SIDS, the monster that lives under every parent’s bed.

The Swaddle also features a high-contrast black and white pattern, designed to stimulate baby’s brain development. It’s nicely sized at 47” square, making it super adaptable. You’ll wind up using the swaddle as a blanket, coverall, burp cloth, and whatever else you can think of. Available from Cardinal and Canary.

Guardian owl

Adorable preemies and many other newborns require a little extra, when it comes to safety care. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 is a comfy, easy way to monitor baby’s heart rate and oxygen intake while sleeping, resting, or chilling out in their crib, carrier, or car seat. A techno marvel, the Smart Sock softly wraps around baby’s sweet little foot, and uses clinically proven pulse oximetry to measure oxygen saturation levels, heart beat rate, and sleep patterns.

The base station glows steady green to let you know it’s working, and all is well. Sounds and lights let you know if oxygen or heart rate levels leave preset zones you set yourself. The app lets you stream real-time information about baby directly to your smartphone. The set comes with three changes of socks. It’s also certified as an approved purchase through health savings and flexible savings accounts. Sized for newborns up to 18 months. Available at Owlet Care.

As close as co-sleeping, but much safer

Compact and stable, the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper – Essentia Series is truly a cozy nest for your precious honey bunny. It rotates and swivels a full 360 degrees, so you can keep baby up close and personal. The sidewall lowers and returns on auto, so you can nurse with only one eye open. If you’re recovering from child birth or even a C-section, the HALO will be a lifesaver. Made for babies up to 20 lbs., or until they can roll over. Available in blue ikat or white, from Amazon.

It starts at the bottom

Everything that touches baby has got to be soft, but the crib mattress underneath it all has got to be firm. All the safety features in the world won’t do much good if your baby’s mattress is subpar. A too-soft, worn out or used mattress simply can’t provide the support and safety your baby needs. Plus, older mattresses might contain invisible mold and bacteria you don’t want in your home, let alone near baby.

The Lightweight Series from Naturepedic provides three intelligent mattress options for you to choose from – the Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic, the Ultra-2 Stage, and the Ultra Breathable 2-Stage. All three provide firm support and stay flat, even when baby shifts into different positions, including rolling onto their stomach. All three feature Naturepedic’s patented Wavesupport™ organic technology, for durability, strength, and softness. They’re also incredibly easy to change, so the only struggle you’ll have is tearing yourself away from staring at that adorable face. Available at Naturepedic.

For your little lounge lizard

Snuggle Me patented sensory loungers are hugs made from fabric. They were designed by a mom and grandma team with safety and cozy comfort in mind (need we say more?) The Snuggle Me Organic is made from GOTS certified organic cotton with no buckles or straps. It features a narrow-width torso and pull-in sides, so baby feels enveloped in sensory-soothing comfort.

It's also smartly designed to keep baby’s legs dangling over the sides, so he or she remains flat. The lounger is not designed to be used while baby is solo, so make sure you’re always nearby. This is where you’ll keep your sweetie while you’re cooking, washing dishes, or finally getting around to putting on makeup. Machine washable cover. Available at Snuggle Me Organic.

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