18 Sweet Baby Memory Books to Add to Your Registry

18 Sweet Baby Memory Books to Add to Your Registry, an open baby memory book under keepsakes such as a stuffed animal, a baby brush, and a hello world flag.

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One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your little one grow and achieve all those important baby milestones. Since you might want to remember those too, you’ll need a unique baby memory book that will help you preserve them for years to come.

What Are the Benefits of a Baby Memory Book?

In those busy early weeks and months, it’s hard to keep track of all the funny and adorable things about your little one. If you have a memory book (and most important, keep it updated), you’ll have:

  • A place to jot down memories and milestones as they happen
  • A place to add keepsakes and photos
  • Relevant information like height, weight, and vaccinations
  • Something to show relatives who aren’t with your baby day-to-day
  • An “all about me” book for your child to enjoy when they get older

What Do You Write in a Memory Book?

A unique baby memory book gives you one convenient spot to track:

  • First smiles, first steps, and other milestones
  • Important events in your family, your community, and the world at-large
  • Stories about all the little moments you might otherwise forget

Keep in mind that the best book for you suits your personality and your commitment to keeping the book going. If you don’t think you’ll have time or energy to add information on a regular basis, look for options that make it easy to jot down bits and pieces. If you’re confident you’ll stick with it, consider a memory book that lasts past the first year.

Here, some of our favorites:


If you feel like all your baby’s special moments are unique, you might want a memory book that’s one-of-a-kind too. The cover of this Linen Baby Journal makes it feel like a book you might have found in your grandparents’ home. Inside, you’ll find plenty of pages for writing your own notes, as well as self-adhesive pages for pictures and mementos. The Made With Love Baby Memory Book has all the birth details on the front cover: name and birthdate, plus birth weight and length. There’s even a sleeve for a baby photo. Want something a little out of the ordinary? Baby’s First Book with Zodiac Cover features a delightful constellation design with your baby’s name, astrological sign, and birthdate.
Bonus: With baby’s name right on the cover, you won’t have to worry about accidentally grabbing the wrong book if you have more than one child.

Gender Neutral

Parents have lots of reasons to prefer a gender neutral baby book. Fortunately, there’s a great selection. As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby is the perfect size to place in the nursery to write in as baby naps. The cream-colored linen and green design will fit in with almost any nursery decor. Hoping to find something a little more customizable and big enough for all your baby’s stories? The Artifact Uprising Book features 100 pages in a binder style that makes it easy to set some aside or add more over time. The Peeps Paper Products Baby Book is a bit of a splurge, made of natural materials with a stylish gift box. It has watercolor safari scenes on the cover and throughout the inside, for a beautiful design you’ll be happy to display.
Bonus: These options will still look great in a kid’s or teen’s bedroom, as they get older.

For Baby Girls

If your baby is made of sugar and spice, you might want a book that represents her in every way. The Sweet Sparkle “Welcome Sweet Baby” Memory Book has a pink-and-gold polka-dot cover with a sleeve for a photo. There’s enough space for you to write memories and baby milestones up to five years. For a more budget-friendly option, the Chevron “My Record Book” offers 50 simple pages, plus space on the cover for a photo and a footprint insert. Looking for something with a little more character? This Golden Blossom Memory Book features a floral cover and beautiful gold foil accents throughout.
Bonus: If you prefer to keep your kids’ baby books together, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one on the shelf.

For Baby Boys

They say baby boys are made of dirt and noise, and these books are ready to capture every moment. The Under the Sea “Handsome Little Guy” Memory Book is perfect to go with any light blue or nautical nursery theme. Whimsical depictions of sea animals surround a photo of your baby on the cover. If you’re looking for a classic style, Baby Boy’s First Year Milestone Scrapbook has it. Each page features a lovely illustration from city life or nature. Want something simple? This Chevron “My Record Book” features trendy chevron stripes in blue and white, with room on the cover for a picture and footprint.
Bonus: You’ll love the classic designs on these baby boy books.


Your baby is going to have a lot of firsts, and they won’t all happen in the first year. Wouldn’t it be great to have one book to document them all? The Baby First Years Memory Book has everything you need to make the book uniquely yours. It’s got plenty of options, so you can add to it or take away pages that don’t feel relevant to your life. The Elsa Beskow Baby Book takes images from the popular children’s book author and sprinkles them throughout the book. Searching for something with a touch of whimsy and bright colors? This Animal Alphabet Baby Keepsake Book offers 64 pages to write stories and place pictures for the first five years.
Bonus: As little ones get older, they’ll be delighted to help update their book and look at pictures of themselves.

Book of “Firsts”

Let’s face it: Being a parent takes all the time. Not everyone has the patience to write down all the little details. But documenting firsts can be a really important reminder of great memories, and it’s also useful for tracking development. The Lucy Darling Little Camper Memory Book aims to keep it super simple. Each page saves most of the room for pictures, with a little space to write down the experience. Many of the pages are already organized by topic, so you don’t have to figure out which one to complete.
Bonus: This first-years baby memory book is easy enough to fill out that you can do it months (or even years) after the fact.

Keepsake Letters for Baby

There are so many things about your baby’s first years that don’t fit neatly into a book. Since you might want to remember those too, you’ll need a book that will help you preserve them for years to come. The Hey Baby! First Year Book Accessory features room for smaller things, like darling pockets of varying sizes to place handwritten notes from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. Weight and height charts let you keep track of baby’s growth without having to scramble across several pages.
Bonus: This book will keep letters from loved ones together and in the best condition.

The First 18 Years!

Parenthood is for a lifetime, so you may want to get a baby journal that lets you document every year. Raising a child is also a personal experience, one you might prefer to keep between you and your little one. This Birthday Letters to My Baby Book makes it easy to take your time. With 156 pages, you can feel free to invest space into a lovely or humorous story. The format reads like a letter you write to your child each year.
Bonus: If you love to write, you’ll have plenty of space in this book to go into detail.

First-years baby memory books make a great baby shower gift, especially for parents who have more than one child. You can add any of these baby journals to your MyRegistry.com baby registry. Haven’t created one yet? It’s easy! Start here.

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