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How MyRegistry Tools Support the Busy Gifting Season


Here it is, the start of the fourth quarter, always a busy time of year for gifting. We want you to be “registry ready” and fully prepared to take advantage of all the celebratory events and gift exchanges in the coming months. We love this time of year for all the activity going on, and we typically see a spike in the use of registries for weddings and new babies, as well as widespread use of wish lists for all sorts of other occasions—from birthdays and anniversaries to the ever-important year-end holidays. It seems everyone has a reason to celebrate and be celebrated this time of year.

And 2021 will be no exception, even as we’re still working through the lingering effects of the pandemic. In fact, it seems consumers are more determined than ever to “get on with life” and find ways to mark special events and make the holiday season feel as normal as possible. No doubt you have all sorts of marketing plans and customer communications planned to highlight great gift ideas and encourage use of your registry service. 

As all that cheerful and festive marketing energy rolls out—on your website, in your stores, on your social media channels—we want to remind you of all the many features built into your gift registry, a wealth of data and management tools designed to help you present an engaging and helpful service to your customers. Our goal is simple: We want your gift registry to entice more customers to shop with you and generate more sales. 

We know a gift registry is just one of the many ways you serve your customers, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to foster customer loyalty, grow sales, and capture new customers to nurture in the new year. So here’s a quick overview of tips and tools to do just that:


Build Stronger Brand Awareness Through Our Marketing Programs

Our goal is, and always has been, to support partners like you and never directly compete with you. That’s why we offer a variety of programs designed to build more awareness of you and your products and drive customer activity directly to you—whether that’s setting up a gift registry, adding gifts, or shopping for them. 

This is all the more true at this time of year, when customers are eager to find the perfect gifts. A few examples we offer to every partner:

  • Inclusion in our gift idea boards. Similar to Pinterest boards, these are an opportunity to display a handful of your products to customers who are on seeking ideas for their gift registry. Boards reflect a variety of product and/or lifestyle themes and are organized under Wedding Registry Gift IdeasBaby Registry Gift Ideas, and Wish List Gift Ideas, with great gift suggestions for any occasion.
  • Shared social posts. Social media (in all shapes) has become a top source for researching products and finding gift ideas. We’re happy to share an occasional social post for you—an easy way to extend the reach and impact of a marketing message you’ve already created.
  • Opportunities to participate in blogs, sweepstakes, and contests we host. As this season unfolds and we develop seasonal content and events, be sure to let us know of your interest in participating. 




Keep Your Registry Fresh and Seasonally Engaging

You want your registry to complement everything else you’re doing to reflect this busy time of year. We have several software enhancements and tools—always available in your Partner Dashboard—that make it easy to change the look and feel of your registry to stay in tune with the seasonal imagery you’re displaying through advertising, marketing, and merchandising refreshes. As your messaging for registry and gifting includes seasonal themes, your registry itself can do the same.

  • Update the look of your registry landing page. This is a great time to change the hero image for your gift registry. Even if your specialty is wedding registry or baby registry, you can still add a little seasonal color or design with your image choice. And for those of you with broader gifting appeal, go bold and choose a festive look for the season that supports all sorts of gifting occasions. You can still mention specific events in the copy below the image.
    • Tips and guidelines for making these changes are always accessible in your dashboard, along with a variety of image templates and copy options to really mix it up, and now is the perfect time to act. Find out more about Landing Page Upgrades
    • And for those of you who typically have screen-wide images on your website, we can also help you resize the hero image on your page. Just ask.

The same ideas should be applied to your in-store registry kiosk. And while you’re at it, carry over any new look to signage and other materials that support your gift registry and wish list.

  • Add “Holiday” as an event option. Include “Holiday” in the dropdown list for registrants setting up their gift registry. That way, you reinforce the use of a wish list for this occasion and make it easy for customers to create a Christmas wish list.


Leverage All the Data in Your Dashboard About Customers and Popular Gifts

It makes targeted customer communications easy and also gives useful insights into overall gift activity that can shape broad-based merchandising plans.

  • Target messaging to registrants. Every existing registrant presents a new opportunity for holiday gifting. For all those current registrants who set up their gift lists for something other than the holidays, you can and should encourage them to create a holiday wish list—either as a complement to, or a repurposing of, the list they already have. It’s a perfect excuse for you to be in touch and share a targeted message and new “gotta have it” gifts. And, of course, to remind them to share their lists so their “wishes” come true.
  • Engage with past gift givers. Gift givers are another opportunity, one that’s often overlooked. While they’re motivated by a desire to please the registrant, these gift purchasers may have never shopped with you before. Holiday gifting is the perfect excuse to invite them to create their own wish list, or to shop for themselves and gifts for others. Either way, you have the chance to nurture a new customer who represents potential for additional activity (and registry use) in the future.
  • Feature top gifts in your messaging and displays. See what products your registry users are most excited about and spotlight them as popular gifts.


Let Our Customer Service Team Help

You’ll be plenty busy this holiday season. We have an experienced team available to help your customers with any registry-related questions. Our customer concierge team is here to help any and all customers with gift registry and wish list needs, so you can focus your energies on other business activities.

  • We offer the option to include a button for our live chat on your website, so your customers can get expert advice 7 days a week. Let our team relieve your team of some of their workload.
  • Customers can always contact us by phone or email as well. We can help both registrants and gift givers handle anything, and we can even follow up with you directly as needed, so every gift registry activity is handled in a timely, professional, and “brand right” way for you.

As you review all this, we hope it reinforces our desire to be a full partner in the successful growth of your gift registry. We take seriously our commitment to support your business and respect your customers’ needs for a secure and reliable gifting experience.


We Love Connecting with You

Let’s discuss how we can be most helpful to you. Based on your specific business plans for this season, we can suggest how to make the most of all of our programs. Feel free to contact us at to discuss marketing ideas for your unique registry business.

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