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Fundraising Tools for Organizations and Nonprofits

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Over $300 BILLION is contributed to charitable organizations annually
Benefits to your organization
  • Creating a wish list for your organization is easy and free!
  • Raise funds in a personal way by utilizing our unique
    Cash Gift Fund option
  • Donors are able to choose what initative their
    contributions will be benefiting by utilizing cash gift funds.
  • Receive all items and supplies your organizations need by placing the actual products on one, easy to manage
    wish list, and display it in a special tab on your website.
Research shows that donors are more likely to contribute to a
charitable organization if they know how the funds will be used
Display your wish list on your
own website

Add any item your organization needs to
your universal wish list, with one click of a
button. Easily display it all under a special tab on
your own website for potential contributors
to choose from.

Cash gift funds:

Utilize our unique Cash Gift Fund option,
create specific fund(s) to match your fund-
raising needs.

Make it easier for contributors to choose
where they wish to donate to.

Add all the products you need:

Use the Add to MyRegistry Button to select
all the products your organization needs to

Give your contributors the power to
choose where their funds go and let them
see their donations at work.

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