Make it last: How your wedding registry can help establish Family Traditions

Make it last How your wedding registry can help establish Family Traditions

You and your spouse-to-be each have family traditions that you’ll want to continue as you start your life together. You may also want to create new ones which neither of you have experienced. Deciding what goes on your registry is a conversation that goes beyond just what stuff you need, it’s about choosing how you want to live, and what is important to you. In this post, we explore some thoughts outside the normal registry considerations, like kitchen tools and dinnerware, and look at some common traditions that can play a part in your future.

Traditions past, traditions present, traditions future.

Have you and your partner talked about the traditions you have enjoyed during your life? The ones from your childhood, the teenage years, and adulthood that you love and want to keep. Maybe there are traditions that you’re ready to give up. In marriage you are merging past and present traditions into a future of combined traditions. The items on your registry can help you create these new traditions or help you carry on the ones from your childhood, and it all starts with figuring out what you and your partner want.

So, what are some common family traditions you’ll really want to discuss? Here are a few to consider:

The Holidays!

Everyone has some favorite family traditions during the holidays, regardless of what you celebrate. Let’s start with some classic December traditions – Christmas and Hanukkah decorations. For some families this is a time to pull out all the stops, for others not so much. What do you prefer? From real trees to artificial ones, outdoor lights to homemade ornaments, and silver menorahs to the Hanukkah bush, the decorations around your home really do become traditions and hold significant memories. Adding items to start your winter holiday traditions is a great way to make your registry a source of support and inspiration from your family and friends.

Movie Night

It’s Friday night after a long week of work. Too tired to go out, you order in, and settle down to watch your favorite movies. Netflix and chill. Does this sound like you? Or would you rather head to the theater? As your family grows, this Friday evening ritual will undoubtedly become a time to share moments that you’ll savor and remember for years. If you’re staying home, streaming devices,big screen LED televisions, and sound systems combine to create some of the best movie experiences this side of an IMAX theater right in your home. Just don’t forget the popcorn.  

Family Game Time

B5, I17, N33, G55, 071 BINGO! Bingo nights, puzzles, board games, and even poker are family game traditions rife with memory making moments and sometimes drama. Game time isn’t for everyone - but for those who thrive on the action and competition with friends and family, adding a gaming table on your registry will make it clear your new home will be game night central in the future. With some hidden storage and foldable chairs you’ll be fully equipped to host mom, dad, cousins and kids with aplomb. 

Party Time!

Are you introverts or extroverts?Do you prefer big gatherings or intimate dinners? If you like entertaining in any quantity, you and your partner can use your registry to get the things you need to throw everything from a boozy brunch to a New Year’s Eve Soiree. We put together a whole list of entertaining items you’ll want to consider. 


Whether loading up the family truckster for the summer beach vacation or spring break on the slopes, family vacations become regular, seasonal traditions that can start early in your marriage. For you and your spouse, will vacations be for relaxing or finding adventure? Who do you like to vacation with - friends, family, or alone? Once you know where you’re going, you’ll need a little luggage and likely some cash. Luckily these are the perfect complements for the myriad of household items you’ll put on your registry. MyRegistry’s Cash Fund option makes it possible to request cash gifts for specific uses - like a vacation.  

One final note, your combined traditions - whatever they are - will be your new family’s traditions. Your wedding and your registry is a place where the memories of years to come all get started. Thinking about your traditions and engaging your partner on what traditions you enjoy and want to continue (and their opposites) is an important part of preparation before your marriage. MyRegistry believes your registry is more than just stuff - it’s an expression of who you and your family are and will become. It's a great way to get your loved ones to rally around your new life.


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