Starting your life together: A wedding registry is about more than just stuff

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Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged. The fun part is just beginning. There are so many things to think about. Choose a venue. Design the invitation. Make a guest list. Create a registry. Each one needs to be checked off your Wedding To Do list. 

Your wedding is actually just the first step in the larger journey of your marriage. Planning your wedding and creating your registry are amazing opportunities to enjoy a significant bonding experience with your spouse-to-be. Your wedding registry will not only give you a chance to pick out items for your new home, but it can be a tool to help you start a life with your partner based on the shared styles, values and interests that brought you together. A registry can be about more than just getting stuff, it can be a way for your friends and family to rally around your new life together. 


As you begin the process of creating your registry, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

What is your style? You will be choosing items in your registry that fit your particular style. Therefore, you will need to think about the life you AND your spouse-to-be want to live. Are you and your partner into minimalism? Are you both artistic? Do you share a modern aesthetic? If cooking and mealtimes are important to both of you, consider registering for high-quality cookware or kitchen tools that will make meal prep special. Perhaps fitness is an important part of the life you want to create with your spouse. Items that fit your shared needs, shared style, and shared values should be a primary consideration for your registry. 

What are your needs? There is a huge difference between a want and need. You and your spouse may be starting out at different places in life. Decide what household items you need. If you’ve lived on your own or your partner has great linens, you may not need new linens. If you already have everything you need, it may be a great time to think about what you and your partner may want. Your registry helps make sure you have everything you need, and want, as you start your new life together. 

Understand your expectations. It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're registering for gifts. A registry is ultimately a way for your friends and family to celebrate your marriage by respecting your values as you set up your life with your new spouse.  You and your fiancé may not agree about everything that goes on your registry, but a universal gift registry where you can add gifts from any store, anywhere will definitely ensure all your expectations are met. Items from different stores and different price points can be included.

If new products aren’t your thing, you can add experiences like hotel stays, services such as spa treatments, and even cash funds that could cover a range of interests from travel to hobbies or even a down payment on a new home.  When it comes to shared experiences it is important that you and your spouse speak about what you want and agree on what is important.  

Finally, have fun! Be creative. Your registry can serve as a single source for pointing people in the right direction as they look for ways to give gifts that fit their budgets as well as your expectations. The wedding registry is a place where you can start imagining the life that you and your spouse are going to build. Creating a registry together is as much of a shared experience as every other part of your wedding preparation. The items on the registry are going to be things you want to last, items that start traditions, and make memories. When your wedding day comes and the honeymoon is over, you will be surrounded by these things, put some thought into it.

If you and your partner take the time to thoughtfully curate a registry with items that are both necessary and desired that fit your shared style and values, your registry will become more than just a list of stuff. It will be the beginning of a lifetime enjoying the gifts you’ve been given.


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