7 Home Upgrades From Bloomingdale’s To Make Your First House Feel Like Home

7 Home Upgrades From Bloomingdale’s To Make Your First House Feel Like Home

You’ve made up your mind and signed all the papers and now you’re ready to move into your first place, congrats!  This is the time when you want your home to start feeling like more of a mature space while still aligning with your personal style. Whether you’re using your wedding registry to revamp your home decor, or you’re making a housewarming registry after  taking that important step with your partner, or even if it’s your first big move alone – you can add these everyday home upgrades from Bloomingdale’s to your registry

MyRegistry’s Top Adult-like Picks From Bloomingdale’s

1.Outdoor dining set

Entering adulthood means having a lot of celebrations on your way - birthdays, milestones, or simply weekend get-togethers! Adding this deck sofa set to your registry will make your outdoor dining more fun. This home upgrade comes with a fire pit - so you can throw parties on the deck all year round!


Adding curtains to your windows will instantly make your home look highly sophisticated. It’s a quick fix to make any space look more put together. You can go with a neutral shade that you know will match with everything or you can even use them as a pop of color for a fun focal point.

3.Mattress topper

It’s not always about making a bedroom ‘look’ more grown-up, it has to ‘feel’ like it, too!

People usually spend big on bedding sheets, but miss out on things that are more practical, like mattress toppers. Toppers are a must-have home upgrade as they soften the layers, lend more comfort, and really is an investment that’ll pay off for years. Using your registry for these types of upgrades to your home works to make it both still feel like your own but elevated as well.

4.Table set

This table set is a great registry add for anyone who needs some flexibility and functionality in their home. Keep them nested when you’re just using one, next to each other if you need the extra space or even put them on opposite sides of the room as a matching set! 

5.Art frames

As you start to build your life, it’s nice to be able to look back at memories – not just those you’ve made with your partner but with your family and friends as well. If you’re looking to really feel established in your home, having a gallery wall featuring some matching frames to highlight those memories will do the trick. If you want your wall decor to encapsulate your style - have your artwork framed and let your walls say it all!

6.Wine rack

If you’re a minimalist who loves simple upgrades that are both multi-functional and space-savers, this wine rack is for you. This staple features amazing details and can also be used as a bookshelf or even a contemporary statement piece. 

7.Ember coffee mug

Coffee and tea lovers, this registry pick is for you! We’re not saying that you have to go ahead and replace all your mugs with this Ember self heating mug (even though we know it’ll become a fast favorite!), but when we talk about using your registry to revamp your home this is what we mean. With a sleek design and great functionality, this is a quick and fun way to feel like you’re settling into your own space!

Upgrading your home is always an exciting process. And there are so many ways to make it unique to you as well as  your partner. For more home essentials or to create a Bloomingdale's registry, visit The Registry at Bloomingdale's!

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