The Best Kitchen Tools to Add to Your Wedding Registry

The Best Kitchen Tools to Add to Your Registry, a table populated with a wooden spoon filled with berries, purple flowers, a plate with waffles on it, and cloth napkins.

Skip the gimmicky gadgets and get just the right tools to make cooking at home quicker, easier—and even more fun.

Cooking at home can seem like a part-time job when you already have a full-time job, but the right gear will make it less work and more play. Whether you’re short on time, or just want the process to be a little easier, these miracle kitchen tools just might be calling your name.

Since there’s a difference between gimmicky gadgets (also known as dust collectors) and classic kitchen tools, we’ve compiled a list of high-quality, sophisticated tools-of-the-trade. Easy to use, they’re designed to get you in and out of the kitchen a little more efficiently, without compromising culinary quality.

Here are our suggestions for what to add to your wedding registry now.

All-Clad Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t like to start a weekend morning with waffles? Prepare four perfect fluffy-crispy treats at once with this sleek waffle maker. Built in lights and beeps make it virtually foolproof, and unexpected bonus: The removable plates are dishwasher safe.

Philips Smart Pasta Maker Plus

Homemade pasta, anyone? This state-of-the-art machine makes eight different types, from penne to fettuccine to good ol’ spaghetti. It will weigh the flour and tell you how much water is needed, then mix, knead, and press with the push of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

This kitchen helper is the perfect all-in-one machine, versatile enough for nightly meals or a dinner party with friends. The Ninja Foodi allows you to quickly pressure cook to lock in all the juice and flavor, then use the Crisping Lid for a crispy, golden finish.

OXO Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

A pair of tongs, a can opener, a pizza wheel—a well-stocked, utilitarian kitchen needs it all. This 15-piece utensil “starter set” also has cooking and serving spoons, food turners, pie and spaghetti servers, a whisk, and a peeler, all kept neatly together in the included utensil holder.

Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker

If your motto is “why go out when you can stay in?” this quesadilla maker is for you. Layer cheese, beans, and veggies or meat between two tortillas, and have Mexican-restaurant-quality comfort food right at home in about five minutes.

Ceramic Knife Board

The right knives make repetitive cutting and chopping a little less tedious. This set comes with three knives and a peeler, all with super-sharp ceramic, zirconium oxide blades and ergonomic, easy-grip handles, plus an acrylic block to keep it all together and looking pretty on your counter.

Ninja Foodi Power Blender

This is the kitchen-staple blender taken to another level. With a convenient three vessels that fit one base, it can crush, chop, blend, and food process, to make anything from dough to ice cream, nut butter to smoothies and vegetable/fruit juices. The cup and bowl come with lids for on-the-go.

OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl

If you’re always meaning to eat a little healthier, this salad chopper can help. Say goodbye to individually handling lettuce and vegetables for a chopped salad, and instead drop them in the bowl and cut them quickly and efficiently with the two rotating circular blades. When you’re done, just take the bowl to the table.

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

Drop cookies may be your go-to, but now you can add a little creativity (and perfect shapes) to the process. This cookie press includes 12 stainless steel disks to easily make sweets shaped like butterflies, bears, flowers, snowflakes, shells, leaves, hearts, trees, and more.

GrowlerWerks Pressurized 64-Ounce Growler

If you love beer, an at-home growler is too fun to do without. This one is gorgeous to look at, with a stainless steel or copper finish, and sophisticated to use. It will keep your brew carbonated and fresh on tap for up to two weeks, and it’s vacuum-insulated, so you can take it to parties, the beach, or picnics.

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