Best Drinkware of 2018

Best Drinkware of 2018

Whether you have a fully stocked wet bar or one little kitchen shelf, register for drinkware that complements your style, and turns every sip into an occasion.

There are certain drinkware rules you’ll probably want to follow (think large-bowled for burgundies, flutes for champagne). Other rules may bend to your own aesthetic sense, and the type of entertaining you love best.

In addition to look and function, keep the all-important clumsy factor in mind when registering for drinkware. Some glasses are ultra-fragile and require hand washing with a delicate touch. Others are dishwasher safe and can withstand the adorable klutziness you’re known for. There are tons of gorgeous drinkware sets out there in every shape, size, and color. Here are those we’ve deemed 2018’s best.

Happy Hour Acrylic Cocktail Glasses

Get excited, it's time for happy hour! Pottery Barn’s Rope Acrylic Glasses are a trendy take on double old fashioned-sized drinkware. Made from non-breakable acrylic, this is the drinkware you’ll tow to picnics, beach parties, and outdoor fetes. They’re perfect for casual, indoor brunches and everyday imbibing, but also nice enough to bring out for fancy evets. Available in turquoise or aqua, they’re BPA free and top-rack, dishwasher safe. These glasses can be bought individually or in a set of four.

Riedel Happy O Wine Tumbler Set 

For those in the drinkware know, Riedel stands apart as the go-to European source for highly crafted, elegant wine glasses that are guaranteed to bring out the bouquet, texture, flavor, and finish of any vintage you choose. The Riedel Happy O Wine Tumbler Set, available at Barneys New York, gently washes the base of the label’s signature tumbler with gentle color, making each glass as pleasing to the eye as its contents will be to the palate. The set is made from lead-free crystal in Germany and is dishwasher safe.

Libbey Polaris Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set

The Libbey Polaris Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set is a simple yet gorgeous set that belongs in every kitchen. The set consists of 16 pieces and each is versatile, making them perfect for any and every occasion. They can translate easily from "glass for chilled water during a hot summer afternoon" to "glass for wine during a fancy dinner." The glasses are strong and feel smooth in your hand. To top it all off, they are lead free and dishwasher safe.

Schott Zwiesel Pure Crystal Glassware Sets

Schott Zwiesel Pure Glassware Sets are like those fantastic staple pieces your closet can’t do without. Choose stemmed or stemless cabernet, champagne, sauvignon blanc, and burgundy glasses. Each are available as sets of four. Martini glasses come in sets of six. What’s great about Schott Zwiesel is its crystal-clear brilliance and amazing durability. This drinkware is chip, scratch, stain, and crack resistant (really!), and will withstand a lot of uses. Dishwasher safe. Available at west elm.

Vienna Balloon Wine Glass Set

The Vienna Balloon Wine Glass Set are like those fantastic staple pieces your closet can’t do without. The clean and classic design makes it great for any occasion, and a terrific gift. The glasses are made of lead free crystal and are dish washer safe, for easy cleaning. The simplicity of its design makes these glasses, that come in a set of four, easy to blend into any existing drinkware sets you may already have.

Any of these drinkware sets will make great additions to your registry, but if you're looking for something a little fancier, check out list of the best Waterford Crystal Glasses from Bloomingdale's

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