Nursery Organization Tips from an Expert

Nursery Organization Tips from an Expert, a basket of plush toys

For storage that fits, our expert nursery designer has organization tips and tricks for every space, every style, every baby item.

MyRegistry contributing writer Lisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest, an e-design experience dedicated to room designs for babies and children. Learn more about YouthfulNest design services.

Peek-a-boo, I see you! There’s a lot going on in any nursery, along with many “things” that are needed to do it all. You’ll be dressing, reading, feeding, playing, and more in this one room, and all that activity calls for lots of stuff—from the cutest little onesies to wooden toys, board books, precious keepsakes, and more. So where do you put it all?

For each and every item that needs to be put away, there’s a storage solution waiting. What we love is that many of these storage options take advantage of vertical space, leaving you with more room on the ground, where you and your little one will likely be hanging out.

Before you buy anything, take the time to figure out what type of organizational pieces you’ll need. Consider how your items will be stored—folded, stacked, hung… tossed in a jumble? Will you want to see them every day, or keep them hidden out of sight? A little advanced planning will have you picking out pieces that can get the job done and not take up precious space that will be better used for tummy time and playtime.

Wardrobe Solutions

Whether it’s clean or dirty, all that clothing will need plenty of space to be tucked away. There are classic full-sized dressers and kid-sized hanging racks ready to handle the load. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t need to have every piece of clothing handy in a dresser drawer, so consider storing off-season and bigger-baby sizes away out of reach.


Clothing Racks

Laundry Baskets

Unique Solutions

In addition to typical storage options like dressers and bookshelves, don’t be afraid to get creative with your organization. There’s that gaping space under a crib where you can slide storage boxes and rolling drawers. There’s also the backs of doors, which provide a whole lot of vertical space. But our favorite storage is 2-in-1 pieces that take up the same amount of space while offering more than one function.

Under-Crib Storage

Door Storage

2-in-1 Furniture

Classic Solutions

When it comes to organizing all the usual suspects like toys, books, and baby toiletries, the solutions are abundant! Not only are there tons of options, they come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Sometimes all you need are a couple of catch-all floor bins in a fun animal shape to bring order and character to a nursery. Other times you simply need a container with a lid to give the room a quick tidying up with a few tosses of toys and plushies.

Bins & Baskets

Book Storage

Wall Storage

Hanging Storage

Toy Storage

Diaper Caddies

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About the Writer
Lisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest, an e-design experience dedicated to room designs for babies and children. A self-described design addict, Lisa worked in the design industry for more than 20 years before founding YouthfulNest, where she has helped hundreds of families prepare for their new baby with stress-free nursery planning. Lisa guides parents in creating the perfect nursery or kid’s room for their unique space, style, and budget by offering designs for full-sized and small-space nurseries, along with a range of product suggestions, from modern to traditional, high-end splurges to budget-friendly nursery finds. As a travel enthusiast and experience junkie, Lisa has lived and worked around the world, including NYC and Charlotte, NC, Florence, Istanbul, and Moscow, taking inspiration for the nurseries and children’s rooms she now designs for clients across the U.S. and beyond.

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