Give Santa a Break: Create a Gift List With Your Child

Give Santa a Break - Create a Gift List With Your Child

Making a list was pure joy. The expectation and imagination of Christmas was coupled with a cup of hot chocolate and a few marshmallows. Santa gift list building is a time for bonding and learning about all the cool things your child is into.

When I was a child (before the Internet) my siblings and I would wait with bated breath for the annual Christmas catalogs. When they would arrive, we’d leaf through pages and pages to find the exact things we wanted - model toy trains, Lego sets, sports equipment, outfits, sweat jackets, sunglasses – whatever the age required. Then we’d write them down on our list, a handwritten list that we’d mail with a stamp. We hoped Santa would receive our list, decipher our chicken scratch, and fulfill our requests. Christmas would arrive, and on that fateful day, maybe, just maybe, Santa had left a special item under the tree.

In the internet age, you can recreate that joy with your kids – no handwriting needed. Santa’s available via the internet, email, and social media. Just create a Gift List with your child that you can share with Santa – not to mention grannies, grampas, aunties, and uncles.

create your gift list

It takes just a moment to create a personalized Santa List for you and your child.

Step 1:  Log into your MyRegistry account. Or create an account if you don’t have one.

Step 2: In the “Things to do” dropdown, select “Create another gift list” – this one will be for your child. Give it a name like “ (My son’s name’s) Santa List” and off you go.

Now the fun really begins, Santa gift list building is a time for bonding and learning about all the cool things your child is into.  

Step 3: Hit your child’s favorite online stores – or take the app and head to the mall. Every toy, every gadget or book they want can be added by clicking the “Add to MyRegistry” button in your browser.  If you are out shopping and there’s a toy or item they really want - you can add it too. Use the mobile app to scan a barcode in store or take a photo and upload it with the details. Your child will love the fact that Santa will know everything they want.

Step 4: Once your list is finished – have your child record a greeting. A custom video greeting is a neat way for your child to let Santa know how good he’s been this year and their excitement for the coming Christmas.

Step 5: We know how hard it can be for Santa to prioritize a long list of gift ideas – so you can order the gifts how you want – put the favorite gifts at the top or sort by price if you think Santa is feeling the pinch of inflation this year.

Finally, we know that the spirit of Christmas is all about sharing the joy. MyRegistry makes adding a Charity giving option simple.  In Things to Do select “Charitable Giving” and search for your preferred nonprofit. Santa will donate to the charity on your child’s behalf.

This Christmas may your holidays be merry, bright and a little less stressful with a Santa List created with your child online.

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