Your Gift List Is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Your Gift List Is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Happy 2024! Now that the ball has dropped, the glitter is settled, and all the holiday leftovers are finally finished—you can start really thinking about those New Year's resolutions. This time of year, everywhere you look there’s going to be someone telling you the best kind of resolution to have, or the best way to keep your resolutions. While we don’t believe that there’s one ideal way to go about fulfilling your goals, that you shouldn't do it alone. So how do you bring your friends and family in on your resolutions? With your Gift List, of course. 

Now, we’re not saying that you should ask your loved ones to entirely fund your New Year’s resolutions—but what better way to bring them into the fold, and keep them updated on your life, than by sharing your Gift List with them? Plus, what better motivation to hit those milestones than knowing you can celebrate your goals with gifts you actually need throughout the year.

How to Tie Popular New Year's Resolution Ideas Into Your Gift List

Focus on Health

  • We know that the best part of starting that gym membership or taking up meal prepping is the shopping spree you get to have beforehand for new gym clothes and kitchen gadgets. But instead of rushing to get things that you may or may not actually end up needing in six months time—add them to your Gift List instead! Any time someone wants to get you a gift throughout the year, they’ll know exactly what you really need to reach your goals. (Yes, that includes the new Stanley cup color you wanted!)

Travel More

  • If jetsetting is on your mind this year, there’s plenty of things you can add to your Gift List that your friends and family will love to get you for special events throughout the year. And since MyRegistry lets you add gifts to your Gift List from any store in the world, you can add souvenirs from each of your stops. Or maybe you were thinking about a new suitcase, or just cash for more experiences (or tickets!)—you can add any and all of it to your Gift List so your loved ones know exactly what you need. 

Focus on Self Care

  • Trying to journal more? Maybe you’ve been meaning to try out a new skincare routine? Or you’ve decided to extend dry January into being sober curious all year long. Whatever self improvement looks like to you, we know how hard it is to keep it going for 12 months. But keeping your Gift List active that whole time helps you incentivize yourself, whether that’s the occasional little “good job” treat or celebrating major milestones.

We know how daunting it can seem to look 12 months ahead and stay focused on your goals—but your Gift List is the perfect cheerleader to join you on that journey.


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