Why Create a Holiday Wish List?

Why Create a Holiday Wish List? A brown paper package with a polar bear reindeer cut out standing on it with some fake Christmas branches on the left.

At MyRegistry, we believe the holidays should be filled with joy—and that includes holiday gifting.

What Is a Holiday Wish List?

A Holiday Wish List is a handy, shareable, and shoppable online gift list that can be created for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any holiday you celebrate. What's the point of a holiday wish list? A Wish List is an easy way to gather all your favorite things onto one list that will be ready to share when you’re asked what you’d like.

Why Create a Holiday Wish List?

We’ve all experienced the gift-giver’s dilemma: You’re headed to a family Christmas gathering, or maybe you’re invited to a friend’s home for a holiday party, and you’re at a loss. You want to bring a gift, but you have no idea what. You don’t want to ask (that’s no fun!), and you don’t want to give something that won’t be appreciated—or worse, will be returned.

Or maybe you know family and friends will be shopping for you. While it’s the thought that counts, opening a gift—especially in front of the gift giver—is just better when whatever’s peeking out of the box is just what you hoped for.

So how much easier would it be for everyone if there was a list to refer to, one created by the person who will be happily receiving the gifts? That simple solution to a common problem is what’s behind MyRegistry.

What Makes a Wish List Universal?

With a Universal Wish List, you can add any item from any store in the world—both online and brick-and-mortar. Gifts can even be experiences or a Cash Gift Fund to receive donations toward larger purchases.

That’s a lot of choice! And that’s what a Universal Wish List offers: everything aggregated in one place—easy for you to manage, easy for your friends and family to shop for you.

Add Gifts with Ease

If you’d like the freedom to choose any item, from any store, you have it with MyRegistry. We’ve designed a user-friendly platform that makes it possible to add gifts to a Holiday Wish List via:

  • Add to MyRegistry.com Button: Our browser extension button allows users to browse online, and when they find something they want, they just click to add the gift to their Wish List.
  • MyRegistry.com App: Barcode-scanning technology lets users shopping in-store add items to their Wish List via their smartphone.
  • Simple Syncing: Existing gift lists with every major retailer can be synced to display on your MyRegistry Wish List. That way, you receive the benefits of our universal registry and keep the perks of a registry with stores like Target, Amazon, Crate & Barrel, and Bed Bath & Beyond, including completion discounts, free shipping on select orders, and discounts on purchases after your event.

Making it easy for everyone to get the gifts they want is the reason for everything we do here at MyRegistry.

At the Holidays, Sharing Is Caring

A Universal Holiday Wish List is a benefit to all. By creating a Wish List, you share exactly what you want, and gift givers have the convenience of a single, shoppable destination. Once a Wish List has been created, it can easily be shared via a customizable URL that will take your friends and family right to your list.

Give, and get, the perfect holiday gift every time with a Holiday Wish List at MyRegistry.com.

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