Should Moms and Dads Ask for What They Want?

Should Moms and Dads Ask for What They Want

Moms and dads are expected to be selfless. Often sacrificing for their kids and putting our needs ahead of theirs time and time again. This dynamic creates a gifting protocol between generations that differs depending on whether we’re gifting up to our parents or grandparents or down to our children or grandchildren. But should it? When it comes to gifts shouldn’t moms and dads be encouraged to ask for what they want?

What do Mom and Dad want?

Moms and dads are notoriously hard to shop for. Maybe you have a parent who regularly says ‘I don’t need or want anything.’ Which, if anything, only makes searching for a gift harder. Personally, my parents were tight-lipped about the things they enjoyed outside of raising kids, working, or putting around the house. As I’ve gotten older, and raised my own son, I’ve fallen into a similar routine. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard to make the switch from hearing what someone else (your kid) wants to telling someone (your kid) what you want. Gifts are tangible, material ways to show our appreciation, gratitude, and love. As we get older we tend to give ever more elaborate or expensive gifts, but do we know what mom or dad really wants? Is there a way for moms and dads to share the things they want with those they love? And why would they want to do that anyway?

Get the List. Share the List.

Why turn to GQ or Vogue when your kids, friends, and family can go straight to the source? We’ve all read gift guide listicles like ‘25 Great Gifts for Dads Who Fish’ or ‘40 Great Home Spa Gifts for Mom’. Those articles are great, but they are nothing like a Gift List. The always-on, personal Gift List is a great alternative for sharing the gifts you want from your children, friends, and family. You know better than anyone your interests and hobbies, as well as what you have and what you need. Put it on the list and let everyone know. A Gift List, as opposed to a wish list, is a sharable, shoppable, curated digital list of any item you want to include, from any store or brand you enjoy. A Gift List is a completely unique, personalized gift guide just for you.

A personal Gift List is completely updatable. Every time you come across something you think you’d like as a gift – just add it to the list. Then when a holiday (like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or special event, like your birthday) approaches, you don’t need to create an event-specific Gift List. Just sharing your personal Gift List with your children will let them know what you want – for any gift-giving occasion. Younger children will be excited to collaborate with aunts and uncles to choose a gift. Older or adult children will be happy that their task of finding the right gift for you has been made 100X easier. We all stress out about gifts and giving our parents presents can be some of the most stressful. Make gift-giving easier and more fun for everyone.

Should mom and dad ask for what they want?

The answer: a resounding yes! Parents are programmed to be selfless. It’s human nature to put others’ needs ahead of your own. But when it comes to many aspects of life, including getting gifts, it’s OK – No it’s encouraged! – to ask for what you want, and need. Your family and friends are just waiting to hear and provide you with the support, appreciation, and consideration you deserve.


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